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    Don't go to Bart's pet store in Omaha, Nebraska

    crushed walnut shells is not a good substrate for reptiles, why are you feeding birds to the dragons anyhow? I am thinking maybe you better check your husbandry practices but whatever. For someone who is suppose to be a professional you didn't come off that way in your post.
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    Viv pics only thread

    Love it. Hope the Knights don't get him/
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    Viv pics only thread

    Apache lives at the vet clinic I work at, His brother Storm was living there but he decided to brumate so I brought him home and took APache to work. Dad is pretty talented, grooves for the doors no need to buy tracks :D
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    Viv pics only thread

    Apache's new cage, built by my dad. Pic in the background is from the movie australia and I tried to follow that up with the rest.
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    It is finally DONE

    I don't think Apache is scared of anything. :lol: :lol: Lets just say I am glad he has settled down. He use to bite me when he was about 3 mos old thankfully at that age it really didn't hurt :wink:
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    It is finally DONE

    Finally got Storm's new cage done for work. Storm has been brumating so I brought him home and put Apache in it. Storm has now awoken, but not taking him back to work yet. Anyhow here is a pic of his enclosure- my dad made it. found lexan at his work but it wasn't big enough so improvised and...
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    Starter Turtle?

    Personally I love torties. I have russians, redfoots and cherry heads, and I am considering getting a boxie this spring. My torts have pens outside in the summer and I have a dedicated room in my basement for winter set up. JMHO. They are great pets, seem to like attention esp the redfoots.
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    let me get this straight

    Decorations in a tank(enclosure) is not just for aesthetic purposes, it gives the dragons something to climb on , environment enrichment is what is it called.
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    Anyone attending the Iowa reptile sale?

    Just wondering if anyone on the forum is attending the Iowa reptile sale and show on the 8th of Nov? I plan on going hope I can have some will power and not come home with anything. Thinking of a gecko of some kind.
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    3 Months Later And My Enclosure Is Finally Finished (Pic Hea

    Me likes, storms new cage is in process, can't wait til it is built then I can do the fun stuff.
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    t8 light fixtures

    i was at our local menards today and they only have 48" light fixtures and then the kitchen ones with a cover, I need a 36" fixture. as storms cage max will be 44" long. Online home depot only has 48inch light fixtures, what to do.
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    Russian Tortoise and Bearded Dragon

    Please do not house them together. Russian tortoises have different requirements than beardies. A enclosure that is appropriate for a beardie is not suitable for a russian. Go to to see what they require. My 4 are in the house now winter is coming and their living...
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    T12-T8 bulbs

    Guess I will have to head off to home depot sometime then and pick up a t8 fixture or 2 since I have to have a double decker enclosure made also. Pick up alittle bit of stuff here and there doesn't hurt the pocket as badly :?
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    Need to move my cages!!!

    if i win the lottery i ll let you know. would love 2 of em but money is too tight right now and i want a new tat of my cat cubbie
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    T12-T8 bulbs

    Before I get the light fixtures for my new enclosure I need to know is it true they are discontinuing the T12 reptisun bulbs? If so where can you get an inexpensive t8 fixture for a crossfire type cage. Got the lexan for free yippee. Dad snagged it from his work they were throwing it away...
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    Logan bit me

    Oh my goodness, I have been saying for weeks wonder if one of my snakes bites me well Logan did. Logan is a ball who is generally a sweetie(and yes he is named for Wolverine). Well it was feeding day, got him out fed him in his container(only for feeding) went to get him out he was acting kind...
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    Thinking of getting a blue tongue skink

    I was reading through my reptile mag the other day and of course I start thinking hmm should I get this or that :D I have always thought skinks were cool. This will be of course once I place my little rescue beardie. :D or should I go with leopard geckos which was the original reptile I...
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    Building my Vivarium - Some tips

    They do make little plugs that go over sunk screws, do not ask me what they are called. My dad built me a deacons bench out of oak and he covered the screws with them.
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    One annoying problem!!

    Phoenix my 1 yr old likes to poop then run through it during the day while I am at work, smears it everywhere :x bad dragon. So hope you don't have a finger painting dragon on your hands :)
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    MN/WI/IA Dragon Owners

    Anyone going to the reptile sale in Des Moines in Nov??? Hope I don't come back with anything. :lol:
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