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    Not a good way to end the year... I'll miss you so much Puff

    I took his body to the vet today. I just couldn't take care of it myself. I don't have a place to bury him and I couldn't bring myself to throw him away. I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and said my goodbyes. I just never imagined it would be so hard. I have a friend that is going to...
  2. J

    Not a good way to end the year... I'll miss you so much Puff

    Thank you everyone so much for making me feel better about this. To be honest I would've never thought I could love a reptile so much. He just kind of wiggled his way into my heart, like he did when he fell asleep on me. I'm not going to give up on bearded dragons, like I said, I would like...
  3. J

    Not a good way to end the year... I'll miss you so much Puff

    I've got Puff when he was only a month old. He was such a jumpy little thing! I fell in love with him at first sight, or first glass dance I should say. He was almost a year old. He was so young.
  4. J

    Not a good way to end the year... I'll miss you so much Puff

    I found out Puff had parasites about 3 months ago. After his meds and going back to the vet he was given a clean bill of health. No parasites and his blood work and xrays were good. Unfortunatly he never regained his apitite. He lost so much weight and the vet said there was nothing wrong...
  5. J

    Not a good way to end the year... I'll miss you so much Puff

    I woke up this morning to feed Puff, like every morning. When I went to pick up I realized we lost him... I'm going to miss you so much Puffers. It"s already so lonely without you... I want to thank everyone for thier advise. I'm more of a "lirker" than a poster. I'm on here almost...
  6. J

    Sick beardie wants to brumate....

    I think I'm just going to keep feeding him but will keeping him awake harm him in any way?
  7. J

    Sick beardie wants to brumate....

    First, a little history... About 3 months Puff lost all intrest in food and lost a lot of weight. I took him to the vet and found out he had parasites. After I went through all his meds he still had no interest in food. For the past 3 months he's been eating baby food and I've been smashing...
  8. J

    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    He looks so amazing! I love the pic where he's smiling. :P
  9. J

    NEW PHOTO COMIC adventure of Lemmy Hornswoggle! (IMG HEAVY)

    Wow!!! I loved it! I read it to my girls and they were laughing SOOO hard :lol:
  10. J

    Dudley says Happy Halloween! (In his costume... :P)

    OMG he's so CUTE!!!!
  11. J

    Stupid Mommy!

    Ummm... I've done that before too :oops:
  12. J

    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    Dudley is looking so handsome!!!
  13. J

    First pictures of my Juvi Dragon

    TOO CUTE!!!!! :lol:
  14. J

    Do you ever feel guilty?

    I feel guilty when I work late and can't get Puff dinner at his normal time. On the weekend he sleeps in so he doesnt mind breakfast a little later but I do get the stink eye if his dinners late! LOL
  15. J

    Check out this stylish bearded dragon...

    I LOVE IT.... I showed it to my hubby and he said 'Guess you want to get Puff a necklace now, huh.' I guess I am. :D
  16. J

    My BD is soooooo spoiled...

    Oooo... this is so fun :D Let's see... Puff gets a bath every morning so he doesn't have to be uncomfortable in a messy viv. Then he get's spoon fed some baby food for breakfast because sense he got sick and I fed him babyfood thats all he wants. I get his dish ready for the day with turnip...
  17. J

    LOLOLOL Dragons

    My daughter loves to tell people about our baby dragon. She's only 4 so people usually just smile and nod, then she brings Puff out to show him off. She scared our neighbor half out of her wig :lol:
  18. J

    Is it normal for beardie to go to bed at 6:00 PM?

    Puff falls asleep usually between 7 and 9. I take him out of his viv and after some running around he crawls up to my chest or shoulder, snuggles in, and lights out :sleepy2:
  19. J

    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    He's just to cute!! How do not hold him all day?
  20. J

    stressed from the lake

    :blob5: YAY Puff finally ate after teaching his mommy that he doesn't want to go to the lake... EVER. Sigh...lesson learned Puffy. You now have a babysitter.
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