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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    He can't get under the house, but I suppose the shed is a possibility... the only thing is that we have a family of really mean raccoons living under the shed. No small animal would last more than a few minutes under there. But other than that, the ground is pretty firm and not ideal for burrows.
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    No luck yet. :( I am still searching whenever I can. I'll keep you guys posted. Kaya, I did get your email, thank you so very much for the kind words. I'm sorry I didn't reply; my Yahoo account has been being difficult lately.
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone! The snow melted very quickly yesterday, but there was still a thin layer on the ground in the morning. Is there any possible chance he could have survived the night in the snow? I'm thinking not, but I'm still keeping my eyes out for him. Things...
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    Thank you guys. Yes our yard is mostly fenced in, but the fence is really falling apart in many places, and he could have easily gotten out somewhere... I've been keeping an eye on our neighbors' yards too. Nights here are 40-50*, and people are starting to turn on their sprinklers in the...
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    Budo is gone. It was my fault; a few of the staples on the chicken wire were in wrong and came out. I was sitting at the window watching him as usual. I went to the kitchen to get something or other and got distracted for ten minutes or so. When I cam back Budo was gone. I didn't want to tell...
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    Aww, thanks everyone. :D Budo still hasn't decided on rates... he's thinking maybe fifteen horn worms a weekend would be fair, but I think that's a bit much... :lol:
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    Thanks guys. :D Yes, he has grown a TON in the past year! He's quite the pig. I've actually been thinking about permanently keeping him outside in the summer... Taking him in at night of course (nights here are FREEZING, even in the summer). I don't trust this pen I made for permanent use, so I...
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    Thanks guys. :D Here are a few more of the boa. She had her pretty colors on yesterday so I decided to snap a couple of pics. :D I'm veeeeery happy with how she's turning out. Very clean pattern, very rich colors. :love5:
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    New snakes

    They're both gorgeous!! George has some very interesting colors. :D Aspen is fine for snakes; the only loose substrate I'd consider using (doesn't mold). As long as you get the packed stuff, there shouldn't be any mite problems. :)
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    Neat-o! Those aren't so common in the pet trade. I'd love to see pics!
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    My snakes :)

    All gorgeous!! Especially Penny. I'm not usually more of a boa-person than a colubrid-person, but I LOVE grey-banded kingsnakes!! They are the coolest!! Oooh, definitely get a rough-scaled sand boa! I just picked one up this weekend (you're not the only one who's addicted :mrgreen:), and he is...
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    Beardie Summer Homes: Because One Viv Just Isn't Enough!

    After a long, hard week of basking, eating, and sleeping, you deserve a break! Get away from old routines and old vivs! Take a vacation to a Beardie Summer Home! Start the day off by climbing a fun but non-hazardous pile of stones and wood to assert your dominance over the area! Later in the...
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    Dark colors and stress marks

    There are all sorts of degrees to colorations/stress marks. Stress marks on the belly (the ovals) will show up anywhere from moderately warm/comfortable to cold/frightened in different shades.
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    Bath time/ Shedding

    Sounds great! :D Just be sure he dries off completely afterwards (towel then basking).
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    Does this sound like a URI?

    Puffing simply means that he is in an uncomfortable situation and is being defensive. I believe I know the "click" sounds you describe; also perfectly normal. :)
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    clicking jaw question

    I agree. Jaw problems a sign of more severe MBD; there would be other symptoms. If there are no other symptoms, I'd bet it's a URI or possibly a bit of shed stuck in his nose (I know it sounds weird, but it can make a very strange clicking/whistling noise!).
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    Bath time/ Shedding

    The main concern is temperature of the tub. If you continue to warm it up (letting it get no cooler than 80*) as needed, baths up to a half hour are fine. Daily baths are a great way to keep a beardie hydrated, though if your beardie does not enjoy baths (some just don't; others love them), you...
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    Dark colors and stress marks

    Yes, sheds quite often times irk beardies enough to darken. When they feel threatened, upset, annoyed, or frightened, they darken, though dark marking can also be indicators of cooler temps, a certain time of day, or any number of other things. Both of your setups sound just fine, so I wouldn't...
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    These darned beardies are so hyper they're bound to get scratched up every now and then. :) A dab of Neosporin will help the healing process, but if it's only a little scratch, it shouldn't be a problem even if you don't use Neosporin. Just keep an eye on it for infection and keep things clean...
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