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  1. Shinryu

    My Simi passed away yesterday

    So sorry to hear about Simi! So hard to lose a pet! Sounds like you did a lot to help these little guys. In humans, a high white cell count sounds like an infection..maybe the same for reptiles? I'm sorry that the vet wasn't able to save Simi!
  2. Shinryu

    black on eyelid

    Thanks for helping out on this one!
  3. Shinryu

    Bearded Dragon Mouth Discoloured

    Could it be related to something the beardie ate? Does it come off if you bathe the beardie?
  4. Shinryu


    Yeah that looks like shedding to me. I wouldn't mist her since beardies come from arid parts of Australia and don't need misting. You can give her a bath to help with the shedding though normally shedding comes off naturally too. She is so cute!
  5. Shinryu

    black on eyelid

    @AHBD does this look like anything concerning? I'm afraid I haven't seen this before.
  6. Shinryu

    Taming the wee beastie!

    Welcome! Artemis is a cutie. Here is a similar thread that I believe answers your question.
  7. Shinryu

    Help with Bioactive

    @CooperDragon @Claudiusx Do we know anyone familiar with bioactive terrariums? I'm afraid I've never looked into them before.
  8. Shinryu

    Weird yellow look on my bearded dragon?

    The scales can definitely look a bit weird right before a beardie sheds. I would probably wait until the shedding is over to see what it looks like then. I don’t see anything particularly concerning. @AHBD, do you agree?
  9. Shinryu


    Sometimes the shedding process leads to some unusual coloration of the scales but just in case, I'm tagging a couple of folks to make sure it's not some kind of fungus since would be good to catch that early. @CooperDragon and @AHBD, any ideas?
  10. Shinryu


    I think you may be referring to gut loading crickets. If that's the case, I found a post where a very experienced member of our community discusses how he gut loads his crickets to make them more nutritious for his beardie. For...
  11. Shinryu

    General questions for a first time owner

    Hi Kayla, Hopefully I can help with a few of these. 1. A good humidity range for bearded dragons is between 20% and 40%. However, there is no need to obsess about it too much. For many people, occasionally the humidity will be higher--especially at night. Basking spot temperatures for bearded...
  12. Shinryu

    Osteomyelitis advice?

    @AHBD, do you have any experience with this by chance? I'm afraid I'm a bit out of my depth with something like this. @Spider8ait1994, I wish I had some advice. I tagged someone who may be able to help. I'm sorry to hear that Spike is dealing with these issues. I hope he starts feeling better...
  13. Shinryu

    Tail rot or am I paranoid?

    @AHBD, could you take a look at the very tip of this beardie's tail in the photo? I can't tell from the photo if that's the start of tail rot and wanted to get a second opinion.
  14. Shinryu

    Sad news about Daisy

    I just wanted to say I'm thinking of Daisy. I'm so sorry she is getting worse. :cry: So hard.. I feel your pain even just reading the post.
  15. Shinryu

    Beardies enjoying snails Here is one that mentions farm raised snails as a staple but not much other info.
  16. Shinryu

    Dragon not eating

    I'm thinking the lack of appetite may be related to the UVB bulb being at the end of its life. Hopefully the new one you ordered helps! Insufficient UVB definitely causes beardies to want to eat less. Update us after the vet appointment too! Is he still using his basking area? Basking is...
  17. Shinryu

    Beardie Eye Issues

    Thanks for the update! Happy to hear all is well.
  18. Shinryu

    Parasite Prevention for Immunosuppressed Dragon?

    @Drache613 knows a lot about ADV and should be able to help you. Meanwhile, if you search previous posts, there is quite a bit of information available regarding ADV management. I'm not too knowledgable on this particular topic myself.. I know some supplements like milk thistle, bee pollen, and...
  19. Shinryu

    Tail rot or am I paranoid?

    Darkening of the tail frequently signals oncoming shed. I can't tell from the photo what's going on with the very tip of the tail though.
  20. Shinryu

    Pre Owned Beardie Tank

    F10 is another good cleaner. Here is a thread discussing how to use it.
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