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  1. North_Star

    Tail rot????

    thank god I got really worried because no vets in my area will see beardies I thought I might be overthinking it but just wanted to be sure
  2. North_Star

    Tail rot????

    does this look like it could be tail rot? the little white is calcium power but I feel like the tail is darker than normal
  3. North_Star

    dragons mouth only slightly open ?

    that defiantly isn't normal they sometimes open their mouths when basking but not like that I would get it checked out
  4. North_Star

    Is a 40 gallon breeder tank ok for an 18 inch beardie?

    I recently got my beardie and have him in a 40 gallon breeder tank as its the biggest I could afford I know he should be in something bigger but I also know before I got him he lived in a 15 gallon tank (I know its one of the reasons I took him) and I'm worried if I put him in something bigger...
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