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  1. MotherLarkspur

    You wouldnt take fruits from a beardie, would you?

    I came home from breakfast with some extra, fresh fruits that I got on the side of my pancakes. I immediately went to my room to let Humbaba try his first fruits, strawberries and grapes. Though he was at first confused, he quickly found they were to his liking. A fruit enjoyer myself, I took a...
  2. MotherLarkspur

    Nose Bumping

    Hello all, Humbaba and I are back with a question. Last night he and I were getting our snuggles in, and he decided, as he sometimes does, to press his nose into my chin. Image attached, sorry for the poor quality (bad lighting and zoom). He sits like this for multiple minutes at a time, and...
  3. MotherLarkspur

    Humbaba had an Eventful Bath

    Humbaba has always enjoyed bath time, whether it be splashing around or getting a drink, but this bath was more... relieving...than usual. After a round of splashies, he suddenly stopped. I was worried. But to my horror, I watched as bubbles began to escape from behind him---and then it hit. A...
  4. MotherLarkspur

    Say Hello to Humbaba!

    He is my first beardie! They didn't tell the the hatch date but I've estimated about 6 months
  5. MotherLarkspur

    Sleepy Baba

    I picked Humbaba up this morning to check on him and he just would not go back in his cage! He much prefers snuggling up to my neck.
  6. MotherLarkspur

    Say Hello to Humbaba!

    Yes! It's actually from one of my favorite literary pieces, The Epic of Gilgamesh, it's a mesopotamian epic and I'm a total nerd :)
  7. MotherLarkspur

    Say Hello to Humbaba!

    Thank you so much for the advice!
  8. MotherLarkspur

    Say Hello to Humbaba!

    Humbaba is a baby bearded dragon who I purchased last Monday (1-9-23). He has a 75 Gallon tank with a hammock, plenty of climbing space, and some delicious greens that he's finally started eating. I haven't had him properly sexed yet, but I wanted a male so I refer to him as such for the time...
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