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  1. sheliah


    As long as it's off she was fine, but as soon as it came on, she would have this terrified look on her face. Finally I moved her where she can't see it at all LOL
  2. sheliah


    I agree my Charlee hates the ceiling fan; he thinks something is hovering over him like a large bird. So I moved him away from it so I could still have it on.
  3. sheliah

    Is she overweight?

    At 10 she looks great!
  4. sheliah

    Loose bedding?

    I have this one in half of the setup under her hide and SHE LOVES IT! I have had no problems with it at all. When I first started using it I could just tell she was very happy like she was home.
  5. sheliah

    Hello, has anyone used the bulb from arcadia ?

    Thank you, I had never used one and was curious about it, but I do understand why you don't recommend them thank you for the advice:)🦎
  6. sheliah

    Hello, has anyone used the bulb from arcadia ?

    Hello, has anyone used this bulb from arcadia? It seems to me to be an all-in-one bulb.
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