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  1. bunnyrut

    Replacing bottom glass for penn plax habitat

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been here, and I am hoping that someone will be able to help me out with replacing a piece to an enclosure I have. I purchased a Natural Wood Snake habitat (REPSH4) second hand and there was an oopsie when my husband was bringing it inside and the...
  2. bunnyrut

    Beardie friends a possibility?

    i find it best to take them out one at a time, yeah bathing takes longer but it's worth it. i did put them in the bath at the same time at one point. but since neither one of them were crazy about the bath they would try to climb on top of each other to get out of the water. to me that proved a...
  3. bunnyrut

    Beardie went psycho on me

    if it was his first time on the ground and you were standing over him, he saw you as a threat. try sitting on the ground with him until he gets used to you being bigger than him. once my male got used to me walking around with him on the ground he would only puff up at me if i blocked his suns.
  4. bunnyrut

    Help please-Beardie lost in car

    this was a first. glad you found him!
  5. bunnyrut

    My beardie died tonight

    clearly she wasn't cared for properly. and you didn't know that before you got her. you did everything right, but unfortunately when they go downhill they go downhill fast. how big was she? if she was a full adult that had gone without proper lighting and calcium there really wasn't much you...
  6. bunnyrut

    Pillows and blankets

    i have never had that issue. they lick it all the time. just make sure it doesn't match the color of food if you are worried about that. both of mine love snuggling into the blankets.
  7. bunnyrut

    New Dragon Will Not Eat

    The one in the link is a 20 gallon
  8. bunnyrut

    New Dragon Will Not Eat

    well for starters that habitat is all wrong. sand is a no no. any loose substrate is bad. bearded dragons lick everything. which means that if it is small enough it will be digested. and sand can cause impaction, which is lethal. the light is bad. compact bulbs cause eye problems. and a 10.0...
  9. bunnyrut

    Letting my lizzard out of his cage

    if you have a room that you can block off areas that would be the best place. i used my hallway. i closed all the doors and blocked off the end of the hallway.
  10. bunnyrut

    how to put hammock up

    there are also command strips. they have plastic hooks you can use. any place that sells hardware has them.
  11. bunnyrut

    Mean little beardie

    where did you get it from? i would suggest picking him/her up first thing in the morning when s/he is still groggy. walk around and do your thing while it wakes up. at night when the lights go out and it starts to get drowsy wrap it in a blankie and cuddle with it for a while. do this as...
  12. bunnyrut

    Big Beardie

    they grow up to about 24 inches. when they exceed 24 then there is the possibility of the german giant gene. there could be a possibility of the gene in there. but you would need to know the genetics of the parents to know for sure. my male is 22 1/2, 3 years. he reached that length by 2 years...
  13. bunnyrut

    scared beardje

    yes, when Tasty Treat was a baby I went to check on her and cover her. When i touched her she bolted to the other side of her tank. i just picked her up and held her until she calmed down then put her back to bed. she didn't seem bothered the next day.
  14. bunnyrut

    4-5 Month Old Dragon Not Eating

    it could be. my mom got a beardie that was about 6 months old and already close to 17"
  15. bunnyrut

    4-5 Month Old Dragon Not Eating

    when was the last time she pooped? does she look like she is going to shed soon?
  16. bunnyrut

    Black beard on my 7 mo. old female beardie

    although females can mate at a young age you should NOT mate her until she is at LEAST 2 years old. she will not be fully developed sexually until that age, and forcing her to mate sooner can cause irreversible damage.
  17. bunnyrut

    Puff and friends

    you put her in there when she starts scratching
  18. bunnyrut


    i've had an iguana before. clipping the nails was never a big issue. we just wrapped him in a towel and had one foot stick out at a time. it would be easiest to do at night while he is sleeping, you could also use that time to file the nails down so they aren't so sharp. i don't remember being...
  19. bunnyrut

    Puff and friends

    maybe it would be best to set up a lay bin and put her in there when she starts to scratch. you will need a tote bin, the bigger the better. plastic. fill it with digging material. you can use just sand. or i use a dirt and sand mix with moss. dirt must be fertilizer free, i just got the bricks...
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