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    Can I put my UVB light directly on my screen top?

    I recently had to buy a new lamp and the UVB bulbs stick out slightly at the bottom. I can't hang it up because I have very tall ceilings. Would it be okay to let them sit on the cage lid directly? If not, any suggestions on how should I set them up? Here are some pictures just in case I didn't...
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    Bearded Dragon's UVB lamp broke

    The actual lamp broke, I think the bulb is fine. I have a 48-inch lamp from Walmart and it's out of stock
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    Bearded Dragon's UVB lamp broke

    This morning my UVB lamp broke, I went to the store and they were all sold out. I can't take her outside because it's around 50 degrees right now. Will she be okay while I try to figure it out and is there anything I can do in the meantime?
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    Does my bearded dragon have tail rot?

    Lately I've noticed my bearded dragons skin on her tail has looked really dried out, so I've been giving her baths all the time but she won't shed. She's shedding in other places but hasn't on her tail. Now it's starting to get darker at the end of her tail and I'm worried it's tail rot. Is...
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    Is my bearded dragon going into brumation?

    I have a 1 year old bearded dragon, and lately she has been very sleepy. Every time I come upstairs she's asleep but if I move towards her cage, she wakes up. She refused to eat yesterday so I really hope she is going into brumation, and she's not sick. Should I turn my lights off and put a...
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    Is a red light okay for a bearded dragon during the day?

    My basking light recently went out and the pet store in town only sells colored bulbs. The only one they had that was the right temperature was a red one, and I was wondering if it's okay to use? She's basking under it right now and doesn't seem upset or anything but you never know. (The only...
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    Is my bearded dragon a boy or a girl?

    She's great, Ive had her for about 7 months and watching her grow has been so fun☺ they really make such great pets
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    Is my bearded dragon a boy or a girl?

    Thanks for replying! I did the flashlight thing and she is a girl. ?
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    Is my bearded dragon a boy or a girl?

    Hi, can anyone help me figure out my bearded dragon's gender? I'll upload pictures below.
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    Bearded dragon shedding individual scales

    Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure :)
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