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  1. Dinky26

    Spots on chin

    Are these spots anything to be concerned about? I suppose that maybe we should be making a vet appointment. What are your thoughts? TIA for any and all input I get here!
  2. Dinky26

    Light hood holder

    I was afraid that might be the consensus after we installed it in the terrarium. We were anxious to get him moved so I didn’t take the time to do it before :confused: And no he won’t be in contact with the wood. The wood stain will be adequate right?
  3. Dinky26

    Light hood holder

    There is a reflector in the hood. It’s a 36” reptisun with a 10.0 bulb.
  4. Dinky26

    Light hood holder

    I made a holder for the UVB light fixture in Mangos terrarium. The terrarium is glass with screen covers on the top. Then the holder is made out of cut down pine 2x4. My question is does it need to be finished or sealed?
  5. Dinky26

    Excited for salads!

    Our Mango LOVES them too! I’m so happy that we didn’t really have to coax him at all. One day he just started to eat them when we put them in his cage. Now he’ll pretty much just eat all the salad we put in for him.
  6. Dinky26

    Does my crested geckos leg look swollen

    I mean 5 different types of lizards in general. Blue tongue skink Gargoyle gecko Leopard gecko Bearded Dragon Crested Gecko That’s a pretty cute crestie you have there!
  7. Dinky26


    We’ve put in a horse mat in our new to us enclosure, then put an under the sink mat on top of it. Any idea on how long to let the mat air out before putting our beardie in?
  8. Dinky26

    Does my crested geckos leg look swollen

    Picture of our crestie! We have a total of 5 different species, each one has its special trait.
  9. Dinky26

    Does my crested geckos leg look swollen

    How’s your crestie doing now? I would say it’s swollen, I sure hope he’s doing well. Nothing like the crested we have.
  10. Dinky26

    Assistance needed regarding T8 bulb, please?

    It’s better to have it naked since it is not as strong in the first place. FYI most if not all plastic/glass is going to filter out the usable UVB also. Having a reflector above the bulb is a good thing since it will be reflecting the useful rays back down to the BD.
  11. Dinky26

    Zen habitat enclosure substrate help

    I’m planning on making my own sandbox (in my spare time) It’s going to equal to 1/4th of the enclosure. Initially I was going to tile up to it then I said it needs to be movable. I scored a really good deal on Facebook marketplace for an enclosure, was going to build one..,
  12. Dinky26

    Outside Enclosure Lighting

    We need to check these out then!!
  13. Dinky26

    Assistance needed regarding T8 bulb, please?

    The T8 bulbs are an older technology than the T5, thus they are not as strong as the T5. The T5 are about half the diameter of the T8, T8 about half the diameter of the WAY older T12.
  14. Dinky26

    New Dubia Colony Feedback

    I’m looking for some advice on breeding the Dubia. Is it hard to tell the females from the males? We’re starting our colony, we got a bunch of them probably about a month ago. We never really confirmed how many of what sex we had. Now the container that we have them in just about knocks us...
  15. Dinky26

    Cat Fur/Bearded Dragon

    I’m not versed on these issues these days. Let’s see what the vet tech mod says @Drache613
  16. Dinky26

    Periodontal disease, Chlorhexidine or Betadine?

    Tracie is the vet tech here, she’d be best suited to answer this I’ll tag her. @Drache613
  17. Dinky26

    Good bye Addy May

    So sorry for your loss. The loss of any pet is so hard. At least you can say she’s not in pain anymore. 🙏🙏
  18. Dinky26

    My baby beardie was attacked by the cat

    Thanks Karrie The Crested Gecko that was at her work was in a room that the lights were on 24/7 and there was a red light in the enclosure too. That Gecko has since had to come home (a blessing for him). The red light quit working for some reason I really don’t know why (another blessing). Now...
  19. Dinky26

    My baby beardie was attacked by the cat

    Good to know that we’re not the only ones with cats and a beardie!
  20. Dinky26

    My baby beardie was attacked by the cat

    We had 3 cats prior to getting our Beardie or any lizard for that matter. Keeping them out of the lizard room is next to impossible without putting up two baby gates one on top of the other. The untrainable chihuahua stays in said room also with the lizards at night. (Fostering for over a year...
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