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  1. studmule

    Beardie Escape! Update...Punished!

    Reggie did the same thing to me, and I was lucky to get her back. Now the girls don't go outside without leashes on!
  2. studmule

    Wife Swap

    Cool, just set my DVR to record it from my phone. Gotta love Directv.
  3. studmule


    Good call. Get your little guy first, before you give the owner a well deserved lecture!
  4. studmule

    Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-all HELP!!!!

    If you have a Reptisun, you need to use the calcium with D3. If you're using a MVB, use calcium without D3.
  5. studmule

    Need advise on purchasing a new UV light!

    Yes, and make sure you get the tube, not the compact bulb. usually has the best price on them.
  6. studmule

    Sand or no Sand

    Why do you want to switch from carpet to sand?
  7. studmule


    Each beardie is unique. Some like to poop in the same place all the time, some go wherever. Many will also go in the bath, if you give them baths.
  8. studmule

    Taking beardie outside

    Awww, she's a cutie.
  9. studmule

    Reggie and overdue intro: Leeloo! Video added.

    Totally forgot about this video. First day that Leeloo moved in, Reggie could see her from the other room and head bobbed like crazy for the first time ever, and I was finally able to get it on video. Cracked me up.
  10. studmule

    i need opinions quick!

    I couldn't agree more. Business really picked up at home when Leeloo moved in. Reggie went from a lazy beardie to a head bobbing, black bearding fool! More work, but definitely worth it. Two is definitely my limit...... for now :lol:
  11. studmule

    List of Stuff...

    As for how much to feed your juvi, as many crickets as he can eat in a 15 minute period, twice a day. Only dust the crickets one feeding a day.
  12. studmule

    Where to buy a 55 gallon tank

    Craigslist is another great place to look.
  13. studmule

    How to move with a beardie?

    If you're worried about him getting knocked around, you could line his tank with soft towels. As for keeping him warm, you can put rice in a sock and heat it up in the microwave, and it stays warm for quite a while.
  14. studmule

    Reggie and overdue intro: Leeloo! Video added.

    So I've been neglecting my duties as a good beardie slave, by not introducing Leeloo, who I adopted back in February. The good news is that she and Reggie (both girls) don't seem the least bit interested in each other, so I can have them out together without any fighting. So here are some...
  15. studmule

    new puppy & a beardie

    When I go to work, I actually gate off half of the house, so Annie can't even get close to Reggie's tank. I can get Reggie out when I'm home, and as long as I'm right there, Annie will stare intently but won't mess with her.
  16. studmule

    new puppy & a beardie

    I think every situation is unique. My Welsh Terrier will kill my beardie if she gets the chance, but at my sister's house, Reggie will lay on top of one of her labs and fall asleep, and the lab loves it. There's no harm in introducing them, as long as it's closely supervised.
  17. studmule

    bearded dragon freaks out when he is outside.

    Something probably just spooked him, like maybe a bird. I would also suggest you get a leash for him. I almost lost Reggie once. He was just chilling in the sun, then all of a sudden took off like a bat out of hell and got under a fence into some really thick brush and I was lucky to find him.
  18. studmule

    Should I switch to a MVB?

    So I have Reggie in a 40 gallon breeder tank. I have a reptisun 10 tube and a heat light. My basking temps are good. Here is my concern. Reggie spends all her time under the basking light. She can get close enough to the UVB if she wants to, but doesn't seem to spend any time over there...
  19. studmule

    Feeding properly

    Maybe 20 ounces, not 20 lbs!
  20. studmule

    21 Beardies Hatched; 1 With a Problem!

    You should name him Black Beard!
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