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  1. nuclearkielbasa

    No longer interested in food, and yet still poopin'

    So. We got a beardie from a coworker - He's 3. Was in a 'good but not great' exoterra setup with coil uvb. Fed mostly lettuces, hornworms, and the little red crunchy kibble (which he does love). We've had him since March 2022 - the first 2 months he was Piss'N'Vinegar incarnate- full of that...
  2. nuclearkielbasa

    Do bearded dragons "know" the UVB bulbs are their suns?

    Can they actually sense the rays coming from those bulbs? My adopted boy lived in a tank with a spot/coil UVB for 3 years; we have him in a tank with a 34" Retpisun t5 mounted inside on the ceiling. On sunny days, he has been nonstop wanting to get out, and when he does he goes right to the...
  3. nuclearkielbasa

    Constant Wallsurfing - a week of skittering

    So, We recently adopted a beardie from a family (the kids got tired of him, and he'd bitten one so they were all scared of him) He's a bit older than 3 they think. He's lived in a smaller 36" enclosure, all glass(exoterra) with a doubledome-heat & UV combo. We now have him in a 45" laminate...
  4. nuclearkielbasa

    Relocating - increment or all at once?

    Hello there! we will be acquiring a 3-year old beardie that has been living in the same tank his whole life; a glass exoterra 12" x 18" x 36". We have a larger melamine tank that is 17" x 20" x 45" that will become his new home. What would be the best way to move him in? Do we keep him in his...
  5. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    I'll be making another post about best way to relocate shortly, as not to hijack this post! He's gonna learn to love cuddling :p
  6. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    Whew, I'm glad it doesn't look fungusy. It COULD be a burn; they have him in an exoterra that is around 12" tall. maybe they had a log too close and he got a bit singed. we've already decided to go ahead with this goober for next month. he is a bit grouchy but they admit they do not handle him...
  7. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    We've taken a look at an adoption that we'll be (most likely) taking home in march- a 3-year-old male who's not handled much - and he has a few disconcerting patches on him. His owners say they are 'left over from stuck shed'. He doesn't have anything on his abdomen, just a few black patches on...
  8. nuclearkielbasa

    UVB Recommendation For 16" Tank

    Okay, thank you! When she's up i'll see how she acts with the shelves in. She has a few hides i've gotten her for xmas gifts for when she wakes up, so she'll have options to escape if she wants. (shes too spoiled lol) Good to know about the Glos! I actually have the same Arcadia bulb...
  9. nuclearkielbasa

    UVB Recommendation For 16" Tank

    The tank has an upper shelf that is just over 5" away from the bulb, if i move it more towards the front, will it be safe? I'm worried it'll be tooo close to her. Also, what are the recommendations for Repti-glo? Our stores rarely sell reptisun, but lots of Glos. Just wondering if it's...
  10. nuclearkielbasa

    UVB Recommendation For 16" Tank

    I'm looking for recommendation/tips for the new year. Beebee is still brumating, so id like to get things ready for her when she wakes. I have a vivexotic enclosure that is 16" tall. Originally, we had a Reptisun 10 t8 that was 24". I upgraded later last year to a 34" t5. Here's a comparison...
  11. nuclearkielbasa

    Beebs wants to eat this plant!!

    Hey there! We bought an outdoor plant, and the minute we brought it home, beebs was glass surfing to eat the dang thing! like, this is the ONLY thing she has gone nuts over (besides worms)! I'm wondering if anyone knows what this spiky plant is, and if it's actually safe for her to eat...
  12. nuclearkielbasa

    please help - RI not going away

    Okay so. We are getting very worried now, and i'm hoping i can get more advice. Beebs has had an RI for a while. We have had her on 4 weeks of Baytril, and the last dose ended on the 18th. She stopped waking up with a blackbeard for the last 3-4 days, and shes been slightly more active. We...
  13. nuclearkielbasa

    Few Questions about URI

    Hey there, my poor baby has come down with a URI. She's been on baytril for 3 days now. I've never dealt with this before so I have some questions: 1- what is the acceptable temps at night? Do we raise the temperature overnight, 80-85? Or do we keep the temps 75? 2- do you need to avoid...
  14. nuclearkielbasa

    Arcadia Controllers in North America?

    Sorry, i meant, not the fixtures!
  15. nuclearkielbasa

    Arcadia Controllers in North America?

    Bump! Is there a way to even contact Arcadia with questions??
  16. nuclearkielbasa

    Arcadia Controllers in North America?

    Hey, does anyone know if it's even possible to get the wonderful Arcadia T5 Controllers for the fluorescent lights with the north American/type A plugin? Do they even make them, or do they ONLY have the uk/plug G type? I'm in West Canada and i'm looking for something similar for my bulbs...
  17. nuclearkielbasa

    New Enclosure relocating!

    d'oh! I forgot to include we've had her for just under 3 months now. She's comfortable with us, she is the BIGGEST cuddlebug. We reckon she wasn't handled much with her previous owners. Her owner moved out and left her behind to be found by the landlord, so she was alone for weeks without food...
  18. nuclearkielbasa

    New Enclosure relocating!

    Hey there! Hoping I can get some tips for this issue! We have a rescue Beardie (we are unsure of her age, vet thinks anywhere from 5-8), and her whole life was spent in a 36" glass enclosure - we've recently been lucky enough to find a used 45" Vivexotic tank.(freakin score, since i'm in...
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