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    Calling all Europeans, where do y’all buy feeders online?

    i would recommend breeding your own food, i breed locust, but most people breed crickets. look on youtube and will explain the whole process on breeding your own insects.
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    Scratching glass at bedtime

    hello we have the same with are bd, he scratches when he want something, either some more live food, water as we drip feed water to him when he asks or time out. we are getting use to the signals on what he wants. when are start shedding we give him a bath to help. hope you will get to the...
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    window scratching

    This is Bob new pose, waiting for his locusts. Glad to see other beardie like sitting out with the humans. :blob5:
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    window scratching

    Hi cheers for the response. yes has reflector and it’s right across the vivarium, when he sits on his log he is about 12 inch away. I think he likes being out by the window, watching. We have to be careful when he’s at the front because as soon as you open the vivarium door he leaps on your...
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    window scratching

    Hi he has a 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium with climbing logs and a hide, uv light is T5 strip light and basking bulb under where he likes to chill, temperature at 110 hot end 100 further down log 85 cool end, the temperature is controlled with a thermostat, has a ceramic which comes on at night if...
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    window scratching

    does any one else beardie does this scratching at his vivarium glass, he loves being out with us, but he is still only a baby so can’t stay out to long. this is Bob.
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    breeding locusts

    ok this is my setup for locusts breeding box. they are on a heat mat at the moment, waiting for heat bulb. any suggestions please.
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    breeding locusts

    I was going to start breeding crickets to help with the food bill. Now Bob has never been a fan of them. i went and got him some locusts and he went mad for them, never seen him do this with crickets. question, how easy are they to breed. Anyone on here breeding locust that could give me some...
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    breed your own crickets

    Thank you for the advice.
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    breed your own crickets

    Hello just wanted some advice please on breeding your own crickets for your dragon. i have two tubs set up with vermiculite and a tub of top soil for them to lay their eggs in. what i am not sure on is the heating for the babies, do i need heat for the adults to breed also, what heat do you all...
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    Cricket size

    Hello love the markings of your beardie, mine is similar, they said he was a citrus. mine is about the same age and eats that size no problem. :D
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    need some help please

    so glad i found this site, this little lad is now eating crickets :blob5: yay, and loves cali worms. scoffs them. i put them in his salad bowl but he will not eat the salad at all. i feed him water from a dropper which he take really well. i gave him a bath holding him all the time so he does...
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    need some help please

    thank you, he poos every day and very active today, still not eating lots, he had 4 crickets and 8 live meal worms, he seems to prefer worms. have ordered some cali worms and looking for silk worms. not tried dubia roaches yet. will he be ok eating worms.
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    need some help please

    hello thank you for your great advice, i have a heat infra gun to check his temperature, it’s now 105 on basking side and uv is right over him, the basking side he does not sit very long and he starts to gape and moves up the log which is measuring 90. the substrate is going tomorrow we have got...
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