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    Unless you go to a Reptile specific store that is usually run by the owner then you are usually going to be misinformed.. Sucks but it is what it is..
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    For years I've wanted an orange beardie like this

    Crazy!!! those colors are super vibrant.
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    For years I've wanted an orange beardie like this

    Hey, If you like that Morph check out I have seen some nice stuff out of her lines. I prefer Yellows and Citrus but if I wanted and Orange I'd go to her or John. If you want more of a Red then check out Chris Allen. Hope this helps..
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    Lead Me Not Into Temptation

    Setup first, Get your enclosure a basking branch or rock, make sure lighting is correct and heat is ample then get yourself a Beardie. From what your schedule sounds like a young adult might be better for you, they are a lot hardier and easier then babies. Just my opinion. Good luck in whatever...
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    is this a real pic?

    I know there was a guy on Fauna who posted he was working with on a project to produce something like that, I wonder if it worked and that is one of them.. I will check in and see..
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    Hello all where should i buy crickets?

    Start a Dubia colony as soon as you get a chance, you'll never need to worry about live feeders again and your Dragon be getting better nutrients then crickets. I just started one and once it is fully going I will probably only feed crickets occasionally. I got one big guy who loves his supers...
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    Hello all where should i buy crickets?

    I only use for Crickets and worms.. CRK8MAN.COM
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    Exo terra incubator repair?

    I would look for a local repair person, I am sure wiring wise it isn't much different then a microwave or refridge etc.. except if parts are not generic. Problem is the repair price may be as much as just buying a new one. How long do you have it?
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    I am preparing in advance for a project I have in the works and would like some opinions on incubators, I am currently looking at the Reptipro 6000. Anyone have any experience with this model, good or bad let me know... Thanks, Frank
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    Help, New Beardie won't eat..

    He ate!!!!! I hand fed 6 supers to him and h gobbled them right up... I am a happy camper.
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    Help, New Beardie won't eat..

    Hey, I got a new 1.5 year old male on Tuesday he was shipped to me and all went ok except he has not touched anything since he got here. I am sure he is just getting used to his new home but I'm still worried, I offered supers, crickets and veggies but not a sniff at any. He is in excellent...
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    Handling new beardie

    The dogs could actually make things worst as he will see them as predators and fear he could be a meal. I had a young beardie I took in a few weeks back that was similar to yours. I would handle him when he was on the cooler side either 1st thing in the morning or right before bed time when I...
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    Okay!! need a new technique...

    I dust in a large zip lock bag and if you give them an extra hard shake up you can briefly slow them down. I would say to do that and then feed them one at a time, I know people who suggest a slight pinch to the cricket or freezing but it is all personal preference. All my Dragons are relentless...
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    Need to get her to eat her veggies

    I had a similar problem with a new young male I got recently, I was actually going to post something about my experience lol. I put fresh mint leaves in the food for some reason maybe the smell or whatever he went right for it. Now it was a mix of argula, butternut squash shredded, kale. I...
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    how long can a beardie go without eating

    Hey, I am no expert on this but I would think in a worst case scenario as long as you have lighting on timer and granted he/she will eat pellet food you could always leave some of that, with some veggies. I am sure there are other's on the board that will have better advice. In a pinch a think...
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    Good Bearded Books??

    Ordered it thanks. :)
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    Good Bearded Books??

    Anyone have any recommendations? I've seen many out a few seem outdated and I am sure the literature has changed somewhat since 1997 :lol:
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    babies.... babies..... baby beardies :)

    Conrats and all the best with your new babies.
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    Beardie or Rankin's/Lawson's

    Thanks for the video link, I checked their site and other videos... way cool..
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