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    7.5 month old BURMATING? MAYDAY!

    Mine is only about 6 months, but 18". Hes also starting to brumate. he grew into a monster quickly :D and caught me by surprise. I got worried when he just hid all day and wasn't eating his favorite foods. He wouldn't even eat his treats (waxxies). So I took him to the vet and he was...
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    Head rubbing

    I agree with the above post. Also, they will rub their faces on things when they are close to shedding.
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    Do YOU think Beardies Can Love You?

    I'm ok with just being my beardies 'Favorite rock'. :D
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    new owner, quite worried, waning to do my best

    If possible, get a laser thermometer, or one with a wire probe. Usually a standard outdoor/indoor thermometer will work ok. put the probe end in the basking area and the other part on the cool side. The dial thermometers aren't very good, as they can be off by up to 20 degrees or so. If you...
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    Brumation under 1 year?

    Definitely looks healthy. Make sure to get a vet check for anything like parasites, etc. That way if your dragon goes into its slumber it won't lose much weight. I have one that is about 5-6 months old acting the same way. Except when I handle him his beard goes normal :roll: All his signs...
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    Feeding canned grasshoppers

    They are okay, but you won't get the same effect as a gutloaded feeder. Maybe offer them once in a while, but stick with gutloading since you have a baby and it needs all the yummies it can get.
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    Not eatting

    I had the same issues with mine. Just keep some greens in his bowl and they tend to nibble when no one is watching. When I left for work and came back in the afternoon, it was all gone. Also, when they are young, they ignore veggies and mainly prefer the more protein rich foods.
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    Anyone's dragon go nuts with live food?

    Mine does the same thing as long as I've had him. They curl their tail when 'hunting' and the breathing is excitement. He also gobbles them down extremely fast, haha.
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    Humidity in Cricket bin

    When I first got my 500 crickets, I had moisture problems too until I cut a massive rectangle hole in the lid of a 16x11 rubbermaid storage container. There are lots of video guides on youtube how to set it up. Basically, get an exacto knife and start cutting. Then WIRE window screen from a...
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    Supercricket experience

    So, I ordered some crickets a while back from They are a supplier near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I placed my order on Xpresspost(1-2 days), unfortunately, it took 2 full weeks to get to BC. As, I was tracking it. When I received my order there were 540 DoA out of 1000...
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    Hot plastic smell

    Hey, I get a hot plastic smell from my basking light fixture getting really hot. It isn't melting and has a 50watt halogen. I'm putting some pc fans on the vents to keep air flowing. Will the plastic smell be bad for my beardie?
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    Temperature check

    Thermometer I'm using is a guage surface one from Zilla. I heard the guage surface ones aren't a good choice, so I'll get a digital with probe. Maybe a 60watt flood or spot light?
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    Temperature check

    Hey, I've built my 4x2x2 viv but I'm unsure about the temps. I have a 90watt halogen floodlight as a basking light. When I have the Zilla surface temp/humidity thermometer over on the basking area, it gets to 115-120 F. However on the other side of the viv its about 85F. Humidity is zero when...
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    Laying ceramic tiles

    I've been building an enclosure for my upcoming beardie. However, I cannot find an answer to some simple questions. Do I use an adhesive to lay the tiles in place or grout the floor, lay the tiles, and grout/seal? If I use an adhesive, what should I use? There isn't much for hardware stores...
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