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    Rosie wants out

    Very cute, Rosie definitely had the put the camera away look. :lol:
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    Dead? Brumation??

    I would highly suggest a warm bath. This will allow you to see what you are dealing with.
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    Not a beardie, but welcome Elliot!

    I would follow the Elliot thread!
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    Not a beardie, but welcome Elliot!

    Wow! I have never seen one. He is really sharp looking :D I too look forward to seeing more of him. Welcome Elliot :mrgreen:
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    I'm very glad you came to the rescue :D
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    Swollen, possibly infected shoulder; in dire need of advice.

    Aww! The poor thing does not look comfortable. My advice is to listen to whatever Drache613 (Tracie) tells you. She is great at helping out people. She seems to know than most peoples vet and has a heart of gold. Good luck. Please keep us posted with the progress
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    Possible bruising?

    Yeah for shed!!! :D
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    Heating 75 gallon

    Good catch Lindsey! I don't see it either. Is it just not showing here? In case you don't have one I will just tell you they need one to survive. Most people recommend the reptisun 10.0 tubular or some Arcadia type. Just check into the forums and you will find all kind of helpful...
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    Possible bruising?

    This should least I hope. It is tutorial on how to make a photobucket account and the move the photos over to here.
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    The Dragon and The "wolf" Brumation signs?

    It nice to know I'm not the only slave with claw marks :lol: He is quite the doll on that couch
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    Norris Notes - Two years already?

    Love the lips!!! :blob5:
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    Accidental Oversized Cricket! Please Read!

    No problem! Sleep well :D
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    Accidental Oversized Cricket! Please Read!

    Definitely not the end of the world. :D This has happened to many people. Just keep an eye that he has regular stools for the next few day. If you see a difference just start the impaction protocol. In case you don't know this means.....warms baths, tummy rubs, and if it got bad maybe a...
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    Possible bruising?

    It would be helpful if you can get a photo downloaded. I'm uncertain of what to tell you. Are you able to get him to a vet?
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    Heating 75 gallon

    Sometimes with the larger tanks a second basking lamp will need to be added for up the heat. Another good option would be a hear emitter but be very careful until you get it set correct. It would be easy to overheat in a glass tank and would cause serious issues or death. As for the sand you...
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    is my sheldon sick??

    This definitely does not sound good. You should really get him to a vet ASAP. Meanwhile if you could run through your set up we can try and get you on the right track.
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    Cooper & Palmer pics/video

    Holly, This is exactly how Irwin was when the tree was out. He even refrained from eating/pooing when it was out so the following year we didn't put it where he could see it. :lol: My boys really don't use their resin branch near as much as when they were little. They seem to prefer...
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    My "My-my(s)" Myah found a home

    Myah is gorgeous! I like how your signature takes you directly to the thread. My signature attempt made me mad and I gave up :banghead: I will hopefully get back around to it someday. :lol: Me too! I keep telling myself to sign off but my fingers somehow can't seem to do it. Happy to...
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    Vivarium Suggestions? *with pics*

    Yes I do morphmom! My Thread is ---Cooper & Palmer's Great Adventures :D Which thread are you? I think I have seen your name several times on here! :D
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    Females and males.

    Absolutely! Even if you are unable to provide a fancy set up now you should separate them. They can really harm one another if they are female/male. The male can mate her until death. If they were the two males as you thought they are getting older and could be getting very territorial...
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