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    What should I do next?

    He’s a juvenile not to sure of his age. He has a 100 w basking light about 6-8 inches from the top of his tree, I have tried to feed him collard greens and won’t eat, mustard greens won’t eat, meal worms won’t eat or crickets, I gave him a soak the other day and ge drank a lot of water, he looks...
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    What should I do next?

    So my bearded dragon had not been eating or really moving much, he stays on his basking spot and doesn’t really move from there he hasn’t ate at all in like 3 days, I thought he was shedding because his tail is turning gray but he just doesn’t seem to healthy, I took them a nice little soak in...
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    Hot room with basking light?

    So I just got a juvenile bearded dragon, and right now my room is comfortable temperature anywhere around 76-85° But now this summer we get heat waves of around 100-110 degrees and I do not have air conditioning, so my room sometimes heats up quiet high around 90-102 but I’m worried it will be...
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