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  8. herpgirl2510

    Was I right to euthanize my bearded dragon?

    I agree sounds like she was suffering. It's such a difficulty decision when it comes to the animals we love but we really have to look at their quality of life.
  9. herpgirl2510

    Should I get a second one?

    I would probably just focus on working with this dragon right now especially since she is a bit feisty :mrgreen: . If you get a second that takes time from her and she might never get the attention she need a to settle down. Then once she is settled more get a second. They definitely cannot be...
  10. herpgirl2510

    Ollie's Thread

    I love the tongue shot :mrgreen: .
  11. herpgirl2510

    Meet Charlie!

    I love his new viv he has so much space.
  12. herpgirl2510

    How you named your dragon

    When we adopted our beardie we were told she was a girl I liked the name Rosie only a week lated we saw her go to the bathroom and reallized he was a she :oops: but we kept the name anyways. I figure if pro football player rosey Grier can pull it off so can my dragon.
  13. herpgirl2510

    Phillip, My new dragon!

    It's hard not to worry when they are so tiny. :)
  14. herpgirl2510

    Life of Sherlock

    Thanks I can see that now.funny how other people see things you never would ,
  15. herpgirl2510

    Baron the Beardie

    I forgot he is a baby. I just let Sherlock my baby sit on me not free roam the house.
  16. herpgirl2510

    Baron the Beardie

    I kennel my dogs except with Rosie they like him. My cat does not notice any of my reptiles. Shutting them in another room s a good idea so your beardie gets some exercise.
  17. herpgirl2510

    Baron the Beardie

    I let my guys free roam even in the winter just not outside :mrgreen: .
  18. herpgirl2510

    Pictures of Toa as he grows

    Amazing how fast they grow.
  19. herpgirl2510

    Chaz's photos thread

    Adorable :mrgreen:
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