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  2. vulcan2016

    Melamine flooring

    I would think it would be ok but if it is a really smooth texture you might want to put something down so your dragon can move with out slipping and sliding all over the place.
  3. vulcan2016

    Ashtabula county Ohio and surrounding areas

    So I was just thinking about how I would like to start my own reptile show and was wondering how many of you guys from north east ohio and north west pa would like to see a reptile show closer to home... I know I do not like going to the cleveland reptile show for two reasons one being the...
  4. vulcan2016

    Bearded dragon tank

    Another option is to build your own
  5. vulcan2016

    Bearded dragon tank

    Pet supplies plus caries 55 gallon aquariums youwill have to get a sseperate lid for it and iIthink they still have the dollar a gallon sale going on
  6. vulcan2016

    Is this enclose good?

    Any time
  7. vulcan2016

    Is this enclose good?

    Are the bulbs red? I can'ttell if it is the bulbs or the colour of the enclosure. The one lamp does look a bit close for my comfort it all really just depends on how hot the platform gets though. as far as feeding adults the mmajority of people will tell you two to three times a week for...
  8. vulcan2016


    which ever looks best to you would be good (i know it is more expensive but i use repticarpet because i know for a fact it is safe)
  9. vulcan2016

    Lighting fixture help

    zoo med makes a pretty good fixture for t5 bulbs (they arent cheap tho like 50 to 75 bucks) as far as the basking lamp as long as you arent using any ceramic heat emitters you should be find going to a hard ware store and getting a standard flood light socket.
  10. vulcan2016

    Runny, smelly, green poop

    hmm thats a good diet so im not sure... maybe get a stool sample to a vet? other than that i cant really help im sorry.
  11. vulcan2016

    Runny, smelly, green poop

    yeah it is kind of gross. what kind of greens are you feeding.
  12. vulcan2016

    Outdoor agrression

    it is a great to take him outside when ever you can so i would keep trying to see if he calms down and i would only do it for short bouts of time as not to stress him out too much.
  13. vulcan2016

    New Multi-level enclosure

    as far as the uv light goes it should really span the entire length of the enclosure side to side not front to back (it is hard to tell which way it is in the pics) and for the basking lamp you can mount any fixture you want to in there you just want to make sure that anything used for climbing...
  14. vulcan2016

    My dragon is growing up, need some feeding advice

    it isn't hard to transition diets what i would do is start cutting back on the worms every other day like say monday instead of 30 worms in the am maybe do 20 and do the same in the pm then the next day is normal and wednesday is maybe 10 or 15 worms then back to normal for thursday and so on...
  15. vulcan2016

    My First Dragon something like this will work for food dish as long as they can get to the food easily it is ok I feed crickets for now and I am going to be trying pheonix worms soon as far as...
  16. vulcan2016

    How to introduce into enclosure

    What do you mean a long way? Is the dragon being shipped? Any how they are naturally inquisitive creatures and should do well if you just place them in their enclosure however if you are concerned about stress and such you could get a small plain box and cut a hole big enough in it for your...
  17. vulcan2016

    just adopted 2 babies!

    No problem and that is good
  18. vulcan2016

    New beardy rescue need advice

    if that does not work try syringe feeding ( i have never done it but read a lot of peoples posts on here where they needed to and did it successfully)
  19. vulcan2016

    Not eating and diharrea! Is this relocation stress?

    yeah i thought i was answering another post when i posted that but it will help you in your situation
  20. vulcan2016

    Not eating and diharrea! Is this relocation stress?

    yeah that makes sense the dehumidifier will help get it close to the right humidity but you want to get the hydrometer asap so you know exactly what it is.
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