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  2. Wickedpogana

    Bioactive tank

    I have more feedback here
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  4. Wickedpogana

    Constant glass surfing in new habitat

    Never understood a dig box beardies like to burrow and Hunt not just mindlessly dig other ways of keeping seem backwards when you've gone bio I've never seen a keeper that converted to bio and ever went back sterile for any and all kept species. Does she have any hides my girl doesn't glass surf...
  5. Wickedpogana

    bearded dragon swallowed cigarette butt, please help

    ... if you have some actived charocal mix it with water and use a non needle syringe give it to them to make them regurgitate. Should be a Instinct to google and figure out what to do when your animal ingested something toxic cant always rely on others to hand you the answer sometimes you gotta...
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  7. Wickedpogana

    Automatic Water Bowls

    They'd probably enjoy a waterfall I've used them in my setup before I just use a mist king now she gets most of her water from her green and insects but once in awhile I'll drop a bowl of water in there
  8. Wickedpogana

    Beardie Sleeping under log during the day

    The bulbs you can see behind the beardie one to the left is heat one to the right seems to be a coil atleast the decor looks natural ! Post some pics of his home and we will be glad to assist you
  9. Wickedpogana

    Feeding For An Adult Male Beardie + Dubia Question

    Idk if its humane but some some boric acid on some carrot or some potato when they eat it they will die also lettuce has no nutrient value you need something more rich for your dragon to be healthy not just extra water content. My girl eats bugs every 3 days but I go off schedule sometimes as...
  10. Wickedpogana

    Is anything wrong with my setup?

    This set up is not big enough the minimum size enclosure to house a beardie in is 4ftx2ftx2ft . Could go for a more natural substrate , Diet seems good so does your temps looks bland to me I like the background but you could add some rocks in there to bask on they like to rub on them during shed...
  11. Wickedpogana

    setup good?

    Not big enough in my opinion minimum size for an adult beardie is 4ftx2ftx2ft . Needs a better substrate forsure needs a a bigger hide and more basking options then just the tiny hide give him something he can climb on and decide how close he wants to be from the light to get a good gradient...
  12. Wickedpogana

    Edgar is a metalhead!

    Haha my girl loves it when I play music Metal and all ☝️ also plants do good with vibrations also they pick it up and sense it make them more prolific some people have big speakers in grow rooms and have metallica on haha
  13. Wickedpogana

    Do you buy feeders in bulk for one beardie?

    Buy in bulk at first more then you need then breed them .
  14. Wickedpogana

    Good accessories for 100 gallon tank

    A 5.0 bulb is not enough could still use it though just make sure you have a 10.0 for the bask area and could use the 5.0 to have a gradual change of lower uvb going to none all the way on the cool side
  15. Wickedpogana

    I fed my beardie a Black Hornworm

    I've got a couple when I was breeding them last spring i like to feed them for the color difference makes them look twice haha but it's just a color mutation green is just way more common I've seen blue ones aswell and if you feed them strictly carrot I've seen them turn a orange color
  16. Wickedpogana

    Good accessories for 100 gallon tank

    Use natural decor Real rocks like slate or such real plants , corkbark tubes .think about giving them some Substrate to live in and make it bio they will be able to hunt and dig etc much more to work with in terms of how you can use your decor . Real rocks look good and help with nails and give...
  17. Wickedpogana

    Grow Dandelions inside the enclosure??

    I have grown them inside the enclosure . Ince in awhile some sprouts but she usually eats it . The best way to go about this is going bioactive . Either go fully bioactive or not at all. Anyone who's ever went bioactive never looked back
  18. Wickedpogana

    Cage enclosure measurements question

    Do atleast 24 in height and width
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