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  1. brittani299

    My beardies won't eat
  2. brittani299

    My beardies won't eat

    Your beardie is old enough to brumate that is probably what is going on. I will add a link to an article about it.
  3. brittani299

    New here..and recently took in a beardie

    That might be hard. My female kinda does the same thing. She goes in periods of only eating from tongs. If she won't eat the worms from the bowl I have to feed them from the tongs.
  4. brittani299

    My beardies won't eat

    The UVB could be the main problem right now. Reptisun 10.0 is one of the only good ones. Make sure it gets mounted inside the tank. I would get rid of the sand. It can cause impaction and can harbor bacteria. You can use reptile carpeting, newspaper, paper towels, or tiles. Even though they have...
  5. brittani299


    Maybe. He is too young for brumation. I am not really sure why he is doing that.
  6. brittani299


    Hello :). What brand of UVB is it? It could be that he is used to going to the bathroom in the bath. You can give more baths. You can bath 2-3 times a week that's ok. I would do that and see of that helps him.
  7. brittani299

    New to the site

    Hello :) I am not sure about dogs. But I got mine used to my cats by slowly introducing them to each other. Now they sleep together. :)
  8. brittani299

    My beardies won't eat

    Hello :). Change the UVB to the reptisun 10.0 tube bulb. It has more UVB them the 5.0. Make sure it is mounted inside the tank. Can you answer these questions How old is your dragon? How long have you had your dragon? How long is your dragon? What is the sex of your dragon? What size...
  9. brittani299

    Thoughts on changing a certain cage feature

    Hello :). It won't let me look at the photo. Here is how to post photos from photo bucket viewtopic.php?f=8&t=152184
  10. brittani299

    Spyro the Dragon!!

    Hello :) cute beardie!
  11. brittani299

    Hornworm feeding question

    Hello :) hornworms are different. They are soft so they can be big and still feed. It is kinda cool feeding them because they explode.
  12. brittani299

    Feeding Tank? Good idea or Bad idea

    Hello :). I personally don't use a feeder tank. But I can see why people would. It keeps the feeders contained in a small place. If you feed crickets they can't jump around the tank and not get eaten. Also crickets shouldn't be left in the tank overnight because they can bite your beardie. So I...
  13. brittani299

    Some feeders- Still bad even when gutloaded/with greens?

    Hello :). Mealworms aren't good because they can cause impaction and they are really not nutrious. I would feed super worms only if your beardie is at least 12 inches long. Super worms are better because they have softer exoskeletons.
  14. brittani299

    Our Beardie Has Black On Its Chin/Under Head

    Hello :). Can you post a picture of it? Here is how to. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=152184
  15. brittani299

    help with buying a cage for my bearded dragon

    Hello :). That is a pretty cool cage. I have never heard of the company before so I can't say of they are good or not.
  16. brittani299

    Custom Enclosure :D

    Hello :). Make sure you don't use pine or cedar. They are toxic to beardies. Here is how my custom tank is made. I didn't make it a friend did for me. Put I did out child safe sealant over the while thing. I didn't paint it because I like the natural look. This is an older picture. But I shows...
  17. brittani299

    Repti-Sun 10.0 T5 HO or T8 Repti-Sun 10.0

    Hello :). I would get the t8. Also a 55 gallon tank is too narrow for a beardie. I would get a 40 gallon breeder or a 75 gallon.
  18. brittani299

    New guy on the block

    Hello :). If you have any questions just ask.
  19. brittani299

    How did I get here? Come get me slave!

    Cute :). I found mine in my shoe once.
  20. brittani299

    New here..and recently took in a beardie

    It might take her a few days to warm up and eat. If she hasn't are by Friday try the baby food for sure.
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