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  1. HaleyMaree

    Zuri,Cleo and Kovu ♥ Updated 8/3/12

    Cleo is just amazing! Her colors when she was a baby are still so stunning now! Kovu is also just breathtaking. I have to say, he is one of the most gorgeous (handsome ;)) beardies on the site! Zuri is also breathtaking. Her bright colors are amazing! I would honestly say, you have the...
  2. HaleyMaree

    Odin in his new viv (and out)

    Such a cute little face Odin has! Loving the beardie! ~Haley
  3. HaleyMaree

    Time Lapse of Iris...Growth!

    Iris has the most stunning colors! I love the timeline! Really shows how fast they grow!! :) ~Haley :mrgreen:
  4. HaleyMaree

    Rigzilla!!! A.K.A Rigs Just sharing my baby!

    Hi, After the shed he/she's colors came out beautifully!! Congrats on the stunning baby! ~Haley
  5. HaleyMaree

    Swolen eyes?

    I agree! ~Haley :)
  6. HaleyMaree

    Robot beardie?

    I think they are still a little young to tell. :) ~Haley
  7. HaleyMaree

    shedding baby! help

    When gently tugging at the skin you are tugging at scales that are still sensitive and can be pulled off. Which is very uncomfortable. Although you might not think that you are doing anything, its best just to leave it alone. And bath your beardie. Have a great day! ~Haley :)
  8. HaleyMaree

    Is this normal looking poop?

    Good point! I would do a fecal either way. The reason I say its not normal is because I haven't had my beardie poop like that, it looks a bit off. ~Haley :)
  9. HaleyMaree

    Swolen eyes?

    Hi, For some reason I see the picture! ~Haley :/
  10. HaleyMaree

    Kog'Maw. :3 (Picture heavy)

    So cute! The only thing I would critique is the substrate. The sand isn't good if he digests its, which could be curiosity on Kog'Maw's part or it could be food (Like a live feeder) on the sand. It is hard for beardies to digest. I would recommend reptile carpet or tile. :) Good luck and happy...
  11. HaleyMaree

    Robot beardie?

    Haha! ~Haley :P
  12. HaleyMaree

    Is this normal looking poop?

    Hi, That is definitely not normal! I would do a fecal test immediately.. Good luck! Before the poop did he eat something that he doesn't usually eat or has never eaten. :/ ~Haley
  13. HaleyMaree

    Robot beardie?

    I haven't noticed to robot walking. And my beardie hasn't waved. But I am sure it was cute when he did it!! ~Haley :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  14. HaleyMaree

    Sleeping Heli and his tongue

    That is so cute. And made me giggle!! ~Haley :)
  15. HaleyMaree

    Just some updated pics on my crew :)

    Hi! Your beardies are so stunning!! I love all of their colors!! ~Haley
  16. HaleyMaree

    Nova Jean! Pictures included! (:

    Hi, Nova is adorable! Congrats on your sweet little girl.... :) Nova's colors are really pretty. My beardie is just normal but I love him quite a bit. :) And your horse is so adorable!! ~Haley :)
  17. HaleyMaree

    shedding baby! help

    No problem. And remember how tempting it is to help with gently tugging at the loose skin, its a big no no! ;) Its really tempting for me because I feel if I help pull it off it will make him feel better. Although its usually opposite.. :) ~Haley :mrgreen:
  18. HaleyMaree

    The wonderful tale of Puff

    I know, they are such great pets. Puff just went to bed for the night and didn't look happy that his light was on still. Usually he still awake at 10:30.. ;) ~Haley
  19. HaleyMaree

    The wonderful tale of Puff

    Ok... Maybe a few more.. ;) Here is him enjoying the rare sun... ;) Him posing on my comforter :) "What you looking at Willis??" :P
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