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    MarlowAndMe's Legacy Uploads

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    Gem squash? Can I feed it?

    I check that list all the time but it wasn’t on it hence asking :) Cooperdragon pmd me that it is fine to feed
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    1st brumation - 1st week of autumn

    Well I had a bad start. Even though Marlow was poop sampled a couple of months ago and treated for parasites I decided to do another from his last poop before brumation. I took it in on Wednesday and was told the would call if anything wrong with it on Thursday. No call- and on Friday also no...
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    Gem squash? Can I feed it?

    Hiya I have fed butternut squash, and today I finally found a spaghetti squash so I purchased that- but I also found gem squash today - can I feed him gem squash?
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    1st brumation - 1st week of autumn

    1st week of autumn here and my boy has already started his first brumation- scary! He reduced eating for 2 weeks slowly eating less and less and sleeping more and more then 5 days ago he stoppped eating all together and only occasionally opening his eyes. Two days ago I got him out and soaked...
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    Spider-Man climbing the decor Baby food face And.... like a sir
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    Yeah his colours have popped lately Lost one of our fish the other day too so down to just the one fish, Koda, now
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    Marlow is 1 year ( 22nd jan) 15inches and 342grams
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    Found a silkworm supplier, $13 nzd posted for 10 so just going to get some once a month as a treat but he loves them! Marlow : “Don’t worry, you’re next!”
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    Exo terra products and name suggestions.

    What about kaida? It means little dragon If I got a girl dragon it would be kaida or willow
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    Wednesday morning humour Me: “So a bearded dragon walks into a bar...” Marlow: “hahahahhaha!” “What? Do I have something on my face?” All else fails- blow raspberries “Who do I look like? Who am I kidding, of COURSE it’s Johnny Depp” “ arghhh me mateys, I sailed the seven deserts”
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