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    Question about incubators

    So this is going to be a short one but I'm very close to start breeding my animals. The only thing I need is the incubators I've been looking around online on how to build one or if anybody's got any recommendations where I could get a proper incubator. if anybody who has more experience with...
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    All you really need to do is just get their seeds and they are okay just getting into a point where they're big enough that the monitors aren't going to destroy them they don't eat them but they tend to run through them and lay on them they're pretty destructive on their environment.
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    So here's some basic information for anybody who does not know me and does not talk to me regularly on private message. I have work at the Pittsburgh zoo&PPG aquarium right before covid-19 left work to begin pursuing my own business and career as an animal educator and shop owner both are in the...
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    So I decided to do another post that is more on the general side of thingsthis will update just new things that are going on in general some of my new plans what sort of animals I'm looking at getting anytime I'm encountering problems and solutions that I have found I'll also put on here.
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    Spike shenron and coral (BD) with Odin and frigg (AM)

    here is coral. shenron. Spike. Odin. frigg. Odin and frigg.
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    Spike shenron and coral (BD) with Odin and frigg (AM)

    So here is a little bit of an update. My third bearded dragon Coral which I thought was female is actually a little boy not the little girl. I thought I saw the bombs but since they weren't very pronounced I assume that he is a she so now I probably have a gender confused dragon LOL. Next is the...
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    Dragons reacting to other animals

    So I'm just curious for people who have other pets besides their beardieshow do your dragons react and your other pets react to your dragons in return. For me I have three bearded dragons to ackie monitors a dog and a cat. For my dog she always watches them but any time they start to move...
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    Coral hurt her leg

    So here is the final update I have been observing Coral just to make sure that she doesn't start acting weird again she is perfectly normal back to her usual Happy try to bite my finger off self.
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    Do beardies hunt minnows in the wild?

    Depending on where the dragon happens to be in Australiathere is quite a bit of different species of Australian darkling beetles that they can choose from some of the beetle larvae mealworms and superworms do occur in Australia just different types to the North American. When it comes to fish...
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    Coral hurt her leg

    Yes thanks for all the help I have three bearded dragons counting her but I will admit I've only had him for a couple years they still surprise me I have work with monitor lizards for majority of my life so I thought these guys would be easy by comparison some ways they are. My goal is to become...
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