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    Lizard is keep getting out

    It is a swing door. And using plexiglass. We are using a strong velcro the hold the doors in place(lock) it worked when she was smaller, but now she figured how to get out and pull it loose, I'm hoping to soon change the doors to a sliding door or at least provide better security in the cage.
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    Lizard is keep getting out

    She is escaping from opening a door, and 90s one the warms side and in the 80s on the cool side. She doesn't have a place where she can escape from the heat without going on the cooler side so no.
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    Lizard is keep getting out

    Hi, blitz is getting out of her cage and keeps glass dancing. It is getting way out of hand, and my mom is terrified of her any ideas of how to keep her from trying to get out, Her temp in her cage is in the upper 90s, has a reptilian 20.0 strip bulb and a pretty big cage. EDIT:one more time...
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    she is in bromating to, wakes up every once in a while. I love her evan if she stays 17 inches, ill just like her to get a few inches bigger. oh yea, Merry chistmas
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    so ,it seems blitz has stoped growing, she is 17 inches at over a year old. do you think she will make it to 20 inches or just stay small?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!
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    I miss blitz she is in deep brumation. and moody, I went to make sure she was ok, and pet her head then she hissed at me :lol: . it scared me for a second.
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    Show Pics of your Non Beardie pets! :)

    wow, what a beautiful lizard. it does reminds me of a anole
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    that is disturbing, I think that's going to give me nightmares. :lol:
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    Bearded dragon refusing to eat :(

    hi, im not a expert or nothing, but it could be brumation or parisites because they have the same symptoms, you could get a stool sample tested to make sure its just brumation.
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    Show Pics of your Non Beardie pets! :)

    well kinda he is two years old, he is a slow grower, most sulcatas grow faster, but he is not one of them. thanks
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    Show Pics of your Non Beardie pets! :)

    yep you got it right. his name is yoda
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    Fluker's Christmas Giveaway

    me im trying to enter every single won but I missed two days of it. there giving away things every day intil dec 20 based on a reptile, it comes with reptile supplys and stuff to treat yourself like a hydro flask or a echo dot.
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    Is Rocket An ok size?

    my blitz is the same way, im thinking shell just hit a growth spurt soon
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    swollen beard?

    my beardie has that as well(I just thought it was from her being a fatt girl)
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    Need help with brumation

    Ok thanks, I'll check out the articles. I'll keep an i on her.
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    Need help with brumation

    16 months old
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