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  1. mellu

    Tail rot aftermath?!

    You really need to bring him to a vet. Amputation isn't something you should be doing at home, you wouldn't chop off your own finger if something was wrong with it, would you? He will need antibiotics and you should be soaking his stub in a betadine bath at least once a day(I'd do it twice, once...
  2. mellu

    He's wasting away

    [rude and inappropriate comment removed by mod] Whenever my guys are off their food they get baby food and I pick up some treat worms like butters and stuff to try to entice them. Give him lots of baths as it can only help with hydration even if it's not as good as water given orally. You could...
  3. mellu

    Advise for starving beardie hatchie (getting him/her soon)

    Hon this story is exactly the same as Kira's. I'm going to pm you all the details of how I got her and what not but what I did for her was bought a bottle of chicken baby food and a bottle of butternut squash baby food. I didn't think she'd last a week but she's 5 months old now and the...
  4. mellu

    Help! Albi Is Not Pooping or Shedding...

    Don't worry too much about not shedding, my girl is the same length and her growth spurt is over, she'll probably have another soon. I HAVE to ask, did you name your dragon after Albi the Racist Dragon(from Flight of the Conchords).
  5. mellu

    Odd sorts

    I use repti-glo as well for my three, reptisuns are of course better so if those are easy for you to get you should get one of those next time. To potty train my kids I woke them up in the morning, put them in their basking spots for ten minutes or so, just to warm up a bit, then brought them...
  6. mellu

    Baby food chicken

    That is very, very well said and so true. :) I like you! Haha
  7. mellu

    Baby food chicken

    Deema, he's been offered every solution under the sun at least twice, he's had my friend in tears wanting to save these beardies but being unable to because of the price he wants, I'm sorry but if you'd been following this troll and his antics you'd know that I wasn't too harsh and I have tried...
  8. mellu

    shed on head

    If you really want to soak the top of his head, use cotton balls ^_^.
  9. mellu

    Baby food chicken

    Deema, he hasn't been able to afford them since the day he signed up here and realized they weren't hamsters. People have offered to take them in and he considered it for the fee of $260 just for the dragons.
  10. mellu

    Broken back HELP

    Oh wow:(, I certainly remember you and Tiamat. Did you have xrays done to make sure his spine was actually broken/fractured? I'm hoping it's soft tissue damage or something and he's just having trouble because of soreness -crosses fingers-. Good luck, hun.
  11. mellu

    Baby food chicken

    -face palm- I know everyone has been trying to kill you with kindness and just hope and pray that you will come to your sense, well I'm going to try this instead, a swift kick in the behind, 'cause that's how us newfies roll. Usually in order to poop, your dragon has to actually eat something...
  12. mellu

    Odd sorts

    She is probably just experiencing relocation stress and will relax and have a nice white tummy once she settles, shedding is also a stressful thing for them as it's super itchy and annoying, it's normal for them to get in a bit of a mood while going through a shed. she is definitely shedding so...
  13. mellu

    Do you treat your water?

    I don't treat water for our beardies, like I said in 777's thread our water is really good and not harshly treated. When there is a hurricane and we have a boil order on of course we follow that but regularly we have no problem, I drink the tap water all the time.
  14. mellu

    beardies and mirrors

    Lagu beards at himself in the mirror, Mika and Kira don't care but they also don't mind each other.
  15. mellu

    Casanova & Athena 9/28/11

    Oh, I love her so much<3 Tennyyyy! Tasti, I'm so jelous!
  16. mellu

    Odd sorts

    Sounds like a happy exploratory baby to me. She is flattening out to soak up more heat so give your temps a double check just to make sure everything is right there, the burrowing in his hands is probably because she wants to get down and run around, or, maybe just trying to get more comfy. ^_^...
  17. mellu

    great new substrate

    Any loose substrate poses risks that can be avoided SO easily. If replacing flooring is a problem for you the BEST thing you can use is tile which doesn't need to be replaced at all or shelf liner, which if you keep it clean can last months and months. I've been using the same bit of liner in...
  18. mellu

    Not Basking at all....whats wrong with her?

    I know a lot of people on here slam them but I've been using repti-glo since I got Mika and I've never had a problem. If it were feasible for me I'd have reptisuns though. It would cost me $50 per bulb minimum, shipping to Newfoundland is super expensive. I hung my fixture by lowering the bulb...
  19. mellu

    Magentas seconed clutch *Hatchling NEW photos pg 43!

    When do I get one??? xD
  20. mellu

    Not Basking at all....whats wrong with her?

    You can see how there are only caps over the ends of the bulb, those are how it's hung as well, I got them at the pet store, in the fish tank section.
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