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  1. aether

    my bearded dragons gender??

    so! yesterday my lil satsat came home!! however: we have no idea what gender they are. in the pet shop when i walked past, they were waving at me a lot, which ive heard is more prominent in females (?). i dont have the heart to chase him around to pick him up, and theyre really skittish and dont...
  2. aether

    name ideas??

    hey!! ive been going back and forth between names for my bearded dragon, but i still dont know what to call him. :( ive been deciding between: -pancake -saturn (sat-sat) -huey -honey lmk what u think suits the king, this isnt where im keeping him, this was at the pet store!! he was waving at...
  3. aether

    substrate looks scrumptious

    substrate looks scrumptious
  4. aether

    storing crickets?

    btw!! how often should a babie beardie have veggies?
  5. aether

    storing crickets?

    hii!! wheres the best place to keep crickets when im not feeding my beardie?? also, is it ok to use tweezers to drop the crickets into the tank? if he doesnt eat all of his crickets, do i put them back? ty!! -aether (he/him/his)
  6. aether

    real rocks in beardie tank??

    heyy!! setting up hueys tank this arvo and i wanted to know if its ok to put actual rocks in huey's terrarium? washing them off and giving them a good clean ofc. any sort of textures i should avoid?? thx!! -aether (he/him/his)
  7. aether

    a few questions about beardies from a soon-to-be beardie owner. :D

    hi!! thank u for ur advice. im getting my beardie in july next year for my bday, and im using this time for research still! hoping to gather more info before i do get one! the lighting thing is a good idea :D
  8. aether

    a few questions about beardies from a soon-to-be beardie owner. :D

    heyy!! im looking to get a bearded dragon, but i have some questions about them!! some backstory to help u guys answer a lil easier: the bearded dragon im looking to get is rather small, im guessing maybe 3-4 months?? im unsure of its gender, as the enclosure has maybe 5-6 of them (hoping for a...
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