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    CocoMushu's Legacy Uploads

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    DIY Cage

    We have a oak tv stand that we will be using but of course we will be sanding it down and staining it. As far as the flooring i am using tile so that its easier to clean. Thank you on the advice for the light fixtures. How do you feel about zilla products? I have read that they are not good...
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    DIY Cage

    So my boyfriend and I are going to be making our own cage for our lizard babies but i am wondering about the lighting and which fixture would be best and which products would be best to use that are not harmful. We are thinking of the light fixtures to be ones that will hang inside the cage...
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    Sexing dragons with flashlight?

    I just recently took my two dragons to the Vet and they told me they couldn't tell how old they are or even what sex they are. My Coco is about 12 inches long and my Mushu is about 11 inches. I figured they would at least know the sex if not the age. Any idea?
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