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  1. lauraj1055

    My story of Yellow Fungus

    Here I am, a year late writing my heart breaking story which has also been a year long journey. Last April, I have 9 gorgeous healthy dragons that I love more than anything. I had a Wit who was only 10 months old that came down with Yellow Fungus after purchasing a hammock off of etsy. The...
  2. lauraj1055


    My office in KY found a beardie outside the office window. It looks really healthy, like someone could have possibly lost it, or it got away from it's owner. I am posting everywhere I can think of to try to find his owner, or a home for him. This is him... So please message me if you know of...
  3. lauraj1055

    Sand.. why not?

    Hi guys, As most of you long timers know, I have been around for awhile and love these guys so much.. I have a baby that I am going to sell and the lady who is wonderful, was going to put her on calcisand. I highly advised against it. So, I just want everyone to share nicely on why sand is so...
  4. lauraj1055

    How do I get rid of Fruit Flies in my dubia bins?

    My dubia bins seem to be taken over by fruit flies! Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of them without hurting my colony?? THANKS
  5. lauraj1055

    What ever happened to Sherri (Razzle's mom)

    I know you long timers here remember Sherri.. She was a very avid poster and loved her Razzle. She posted all the time, and was so worried about him. She was the perfect new beardie mom. I wonder all the time what happened to her and where has she gone? I see under her profile there's...
  6. lauraj1055

    Butters ate a ladybug!

    How bad are these?? I know that fireflies are fatal, and I know ladybugs aren't good, but what should I do? My house gets overrun by them once it gets warm out. I didn't even see this one before she got it. Do I need to do something?? HELP
  7. lauraj1055

    Bad URI

    My new addition Ron has had a bad URI since I brought him home on February 17th. I think he got a chill coming home from the reptile show, or caught something there. He was fine the first few days, then 4 days after getting him I heard him cough. His breathing is labored and he's still...
  8. lauraj1055

    Welcome Big Ron. Definate German Giant in his blood.

    After meeting Big Ron 6 months ago at a reptile show, I fell in love with him. It took me 6 months to finally get him, but he is finally home. He is HUGE and an big Love Bug. He makes my other dragons look so Tiny!
  9. lauraj1055

    Not a beardie, but welcome Elliot!

    I have added to my reptile family! I have a new cuban x cayman rock iguana. We are still getting used to each other, but it's going ok so far. So here's Elliot! Just arrived: Taking a bath with Danika: After Bath time: I can't wait until he gets a little bigger, but must start...
  10. lauraj1055

    Anyone have a Cuban Rock Iguana?

    I'm seriously thinking of expanding my new found reptile love to a Cuban Rock Iguana. Does anyone own one? How are their personalities? I heard they are much more tame than the rhino or green iguanas.
  11. lauraj1055

    Blood in stool?

    Hercules has been pooping blood for the past week. A total of 4 poops and all have had blood in them. What causes this? I picked it up today and have it in the fridge to bring to the vet tomorrow. I have given him some panacur for pinworms about 4 days ago, but that doesn't seem to be...
  12. lauraj1055

    Does Calcium with D3 replace UVB?

    This I am opening to discussion and would like to hear from anyone out there who may do, or have done this. I just read Dachiu's care sheet which states UVB does not need to be used IF you use the proper Calcium with D3 supplements...
  13. lauraj1055

    Butterworms from Walmart.. are they safe?

    I went to Walmart today and saw butterworms in the bait section. They were huge and plump and all alive. 36 for $3.94. Has anyone ever used them from Walmart before? Are they safe?
  14. lauraj1055

    Just got my first leather :)

    After Ollie died I had a huge hole in my heart. Still miss him so much... I broke down and bought myself a leatherback. I have been wanting one forever. So here is Orion. His hatch date is August 10th. We are still working on getting him to eat on his own, but I have faith her will get there...
  15. lauraj1055

    Bleak outlook for Ollie RIP sweet boy

    It's hard to write this as it breaks my heart. Ollie has not been eating for over a month now. This wasn't totally unusual for him, so I wasn't too worried. Then within the last couple weeks I have noticed him losing weight and his fat pads on his head & tail sinking in. I took him to the...
  16. lauraj1055

    Beardie Hog Pile

    This is how my girls fell asleep on the back of my couch. Poor fat Molly always gets the bottom :roll:
  17. lauraj1055

    Just some updated pics on my crew :)

    I tried to update my original post of my beardies, but it wouldn't let me.. So I guess I'll start a new post :D Here's Butters: Herc posing for G.Q. Ember taking a nice soak after a long day of basking: Fiona & Stella trying to figure out what to do next: Herc telling Fiona a...
  18. lauraj1055

    Sick Baby

    I don't know if it's good or bad that I went to Petco at lunch. I really have never seen a super sick baby at one, until today. I went in to buy a water dish, and looked at the beardies. That was either a mistake, or fate. In the tank were 3 dragons. One was tiny tiny, and the other 2 were...
  19. lauraj1055

    Swollen arm and sores on hand? *HELP* PICS

    I noticed the other day that Ollie had these 2 red bumps on his hand. If he were fed crickets, I would swear they were cricket bites. I noticed these on Sunday, but didn't think much about it. On Monday I noticed his arm was starting to get really swollen. Then today he is just holding it...
  20. lauraj1055

    Can't walk and doesn't eat

    I never thought I would be posting in here, and it's breaking my heart to see my baby suffering. Hercules, is 10 months old. Over the past couple months his urates have had an orange tint to them. I didn't think much of it, just thought it was something he was eating. Over the past 2 weeks...
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