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    They're all gone

    Eleven days ago I woke up a beardie mom. Tonight I go to bed not a beardie mom. I lost all 3 of my babies in 11 days. I asked the vet about adv and was told to "stay off the internet" but I think that's what it was. I spent all of my vet fund going to the vet three times and taking all of my...
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    Rubix, my healthy beardie (until now), is dying. I went down to give them their evening worms and thought he was already dead. He was splatted out under the basking bulb with his eyes closed, beard out and black. He regurgitated superworm goo from last night. Didn't eat anything today yet...
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    Emaciated Beardie

    I rescued a beardie on Saturday. He is 10.5" long and 34g. The first night I had him he ate 4 superworms. Since then, he's only eaten a couple more and nothing else. You can see his backbone and his skin is loose. So I know one thing that is an issue and I am to blame. I saw him and had to...
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