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  1. Moxxie1122

    Beardie has black beard all day

    this morning I went to feed my bearded dragon and he had a black/dark gray beard and refused to eat. he went poop like normal but still has the black beard and its been hours. he also later pooped while I was holding him. but it seemed more liquidy.
  2. Moxxie1122

    trick or treating??

    so this year I'm going with my siblings when they go trick or treating and I wanted to bring my 6/7 month old bearded dragon along. is their any way I could? could I use a heat pack or something like that in a pet carrier and put him in there to warm up??
  3. Moxxie1122


    Is BeneBac (for reptiles) a good probiotic for when treating coccidia? If so, do I give during treatment and/or after? Lastly, should I get the powder or gel?
  4. Moxxie1122

    my new unnamed girl.

    Hello! this is my girl that still needs a name (I'm thinking of Octavia). She's about 9 inches long and apparently part spider as she has tried to crawl on the lid of her cage lol!
  5. Moxxie1122

    tail issue.

    we got 2 more beardies recently and just now noticed their tails. anyone know what this is and how to solve it? we believe they came like this. my baby girl (with no photos of her tail.) looks like shes missing a scale/small and dark on her tail. also she looks like she has oddly small and black...
  6. Moxxie1122

    Odd poop from beardie

    So we got 2 beardies 3 days ago (Saturday) and his second poop had an orange color to it but we decided it was probably fine as it was only one poop. but today it looks like it might have mucus and we're worried about parasites. when he pooped it wasn't normal as he was sitting on his little log...
  7. Moxxie1122

    Beardie powder?

    Hi there! so I own 2 bearded dragons. take care of 3. 2 of which we got on Saturday. they've been eating but the new female doesn't eat much and she's really small so I'm worried. I dust one of the feedings with calcium powder with d3 in it a day. But I was thinking of getting bee pollen powder...
  8. Moxxie1122

    how long to wait before handling?

    So I own two beardies one of which I got yesterday (Moxxie and now Seze!) Although I don't know how long to take before I start to handle Seze. I handled Moxxie immediately when I got him (before I did enough research) and it took him forever to get used to his cage. Seze seem good with handling...
  9. Moxxie1122

    Dramatic boy puts on his harness

    2nd harness time
  10. Moxxie1122


    Hi! does anyone know the best place to buy dubia roaches? and the best way to get started breeding them?
  11. Moxxie1122


    Hi there! I own a 3-4-month-old bearded dragon. He loves to go outside and run but I can only let him run so far before I have to pick him back up. I really want to take him around the yard and on walks with me with a harness. he is 10 inches long. Is that too small for a harness? and if it...
  12. Moxxie1122

    Beardie jumping

    My 4-month-old male beardie has been jumping off my hand and off of high places around the house. table. couch. my shirt. you name it. I don't know what to do to stop him. he's so far okay but I'm worried he'll break a bone or give himself brain damage. I'm thinking of getting a bearded dragon...
  13. Moxxie1122

    Beardie shedding. Can i hold him?

    My beardie has started shedding (again!) hes about 3 months old I believe and is starting to get more and more comfortable with me. My little gremlin of a beardie seems to still be okay with being held whilst shedding and I'm worried that if I don't hold him everyday that he'll start not liking...
  14. Moxxie1122

    My beardie is acting odd with his back legs.

    i have a beardie thats 2-3 months old. I About a few weeks ago he started to do this thing where when he is basking one or two back legs will be straight back and he wont move them until I touch them or pick him up. he sometimes will jump from my hand and keep holding on with his back legs but...
  15. Moxxie1122

    New enclosure!!

    So i just got a new enclosure for my (i think) 2 month old male beardie! His first tank was a 20 gallon long but it was only temporary we just moved him today. We have a hammock. A basking + hiding skull thingy. water and food dishes. Some vines he can crawl on. and a little mini tree climby...
  16. Moxxie1122

    My beardie opened his mouth at me.

    So my baby beardie has always been comfortable with me. but yesterday he kept opening and closing his mouth at me. and today he gaped at me for a second (not in basking spot) so I didn't pick him up like I was trying to. What is going on?
  17. Moxxie1122

    my beardie pooped on me. what does it mean?

    so i got a 7 inch beardie about ten days ago and he's been pretty comfortable with me! licking me. Not getting stress marks when I hold him ( he usually has them otherwise) and today he just... pooped on me? Does this mean anything?
  18. Moxxie1122

    Im new and so is my beardie!

    Hello there! My name is Teagan and my adorable 7-inch beardie (male? If anyone can help with age it would be helpful) is named Moxxie. We got her from PetsMart as a birthday gift for me. I was originally going to get a ball python. but then there was this beautiful albino corn snake! And about 6...
  19. Moxxie1122

    How to breed crickets

    Hi! so im going to breed crickets but I want some help. Firstly: for their soil on the bottom can I use potting would or soil from my backyard. we have not used any sort of chemicals for AT LEAST 12 years. and what should I use for the little breeding area?
  20. Moxxie1122

    Beardie is only eating a small amount of crickets a day. help?

    So for my beardies first feeding of the day I put about eight crickets in assuming id put more in a little later once she had eaten them. but she hasn't eaten all. most but not all and its near bedtime. how do I get her to eat more than eight a day??
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