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    Distance from UVB?

    From my UVB light to the bottom of the enclosure is 15" but when you add a half hide and decor to sit on it's 10"- 12" from the UVB. Just wanted to make sure 10"-15" is safe for them it was originally 15"-20" from bottom to the light which is why I dropped it It is a Arcadia T5 13% dessert tube...
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    Brumation poop? (Pics inside)

    My Amber came out today (last Monday was the last time she was out) so I gave her a bath and then she warmed up. Then she did this little behavior that is her routine indicating she had to poop and was slow but steady. She hasn't pooped in about 4-5 weeks and she has only eaten 2 times in those...
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    Vet visit and MBD

    Hey guys my Chubbs has this kink in her tail and has had it since I rescued her almost 4 yrs ago. Her setup is perfect but my vet said she has a tad kink that wasn't there before and to watch it. He said it could be early MBD from before I rescued her what can I do to stop it? I have T5...
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    Brumation eating and drinking?

    Hey guys I have been waking my beardies up every 2 weeks to see if they want water or food. Should I be concerned if they don't want to eat or drink or if they eat but won't bask or poop? They have pretty much hunkered down and are not active at all day or night only active when I wake them
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    Brumation activity help?

    Hey guys from what I'm told my 2 beardies are in a semi-brumaton stage since fall came around. It's been about a week since they have eaten and since I have given them water/bath (they get water from bath time). My question is should I wake them? Or should I allow them to come out and be active...
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    Proper weighing scale?

    I got scale off Amazon to weigh my beardies and ball python but it isn't very accurate in giving the correct weight. For instance I went to the vet got a weigh in then went home and it was 200g-300g heavier Was told a normal kitchen scale would do but I have bought a ton and none have worked...
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    Brumation for Fall?

    My Amber is normally extremely active and eats her greens crickets etc but hasn't been very active. She will sleep for a couple days & not come out to eat last time she was out active & eating was the 14th. Granted today she came out ate her greens her bugs and took a bath today but she will...
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    Hey guys it was bug day and my Chubbs hasn't eaten in about a week more or less she only wanted bugs. So I gave her greens and then fed her crickets she ate every last one then I gave her a bath. After that I gave her some BSFL and normally she doesn't like them but today she did. I seen her...
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    Pooping outside? Normal or not?

    Hey guys it's been nice out last 2 days around 75+ so I decided to let my girls out and my Amber loves pooping outside. But only her (Chubbs doesn't) I just wanna make sure it's a normal thing for captive beardies to do. She (Amber) is notorious for pooping outside her enclosure and will rarely...
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    Red in poop?

    Hey guys my Amber has had a decrease in appetite (unless it's bugs) and she is semi active and will rest for a day. This is her poop this morning does it all look good? I couldn't make out what the red/peach color is she JUST ate yesterday and some worms today. Both mealworms/BSFL hoping this is...
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    Are T5/T8 UVBs considered CFL?

    I'm heading to Lowes to checkout some stones for my beardies enclosures and I wanted to dispose of my T5s/T8s. Are they considered CFL's even though it's a florescent tube and not a coil UVB? I have like 10 collected over the years and they are just sitting collecting dust 😅 Edit: Sorry if this...
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    Rocks and decor???

    I am disappointed I ordered some slate rocks and they are not what I was expecting at all. So I went to home depot and many rocks (no slate) where huge and some EXTREMELY sharp. I am sorta out of ideas on this but I still wanna push for a more natural anesthetic. Any ideas would be helpful and...
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    Change in behavior?

    Hey guys my Amber was active a few days ago (2-3) she ate some greens got some bugs and pooped after a bath. I peeked in to her hide and she was alert eyes wide so she is just a tad bit tired. Could the changing of seasons be the cause of her activity level dropping? I really wanna take her out...
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    Stuck shed issue (pics inside)

    So my Chubbs has been trying to shed her sides back and belly for over a month now and I have been trying to let her soak. She has gotten some off but it has been there long enough that it is turning a light yellow color. I try to soak her least 5 mins everyday though she is a pooper so...
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    Being in escape mode?

    So it's almost midnight I'm laying here trying to sleep and I hear this thump coming from my room. Then it happened again and I immediately recognized that the sound was from my beardies enclosure. I jump up and uncover the enclosure and I slide the door open and my Amber BOLTED. I freaked out...
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    Probe thermometer questions?

    Hey guys I'm following some advice on using probe thermometers so I have questions 1) probe placement on the basking platform (even a quick spot check) 2) on the cool side am I placing it in the middle of the enclosure (cool side) or do I place it in their hides? Or do I place it in a corner...
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    Odd poop and insanely watery?

    Hey guys my Amber has been a bit odd lately she has been sleeping more than usual and her poop has changed. I have been a little generous on bug days this last week so she hasn't been eating greens. But I also have been gone for a period so she could be eating some when I'm not home I been...
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    Best probe thermometer?

    Looking to get a probe thermometer because I normally use a IR heat gun and heard it's not accurate enough. I have gotten fluker probe thermometers but haven't ever used them for my beardies. Looking for the best one too use ie brand probe type etc cheap or expensive long as it works the right...
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    Beardie scratching after shed?

    My Amber has shed completely about 2-3 weeks ago and she is still scratching and dunking her head underwater during bath time. She generally doesn't like water much which is why I have reduced her bath times. Chubbs of course loves water so I have kept her routine
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    Wild plants outside that are safe to eat?

    Was just wondering what wild plants my beardies can eat safely while roaming outside. I tend to have a lot of grass weeds and occasionally bright flowers/plants and my girls will have a taste. I hear a lot of people saying they let their beardies eat wild plants around their home/yard. Just...
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