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    Moira still not eating and inactive... frustrating.

    Hey again. It's been a while, but unfortunately I'm still dealing with the same problem I've been having for over a year and a half... Here's the link to one of my more detailed previous topics, which more or less still holds true to this post. I apologize ahead of time for the incoming wall of...
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    Parking lot Iguana, healing posts

    My previous thread was in the Beardie ER section, but I don't want to spam the ER with posts about the Iguana, so I'll update here. Here's the link to the previous posts. viewtopic.php?f=45&t=226319 So I read about iguanas from about 11:30pm last night until 4:23am this morning when I decided...
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    Iguana injured, found in parking lot

    Title says it all. I will upload pictures momentarily. A customer came in and told us it was outside. We now have him in a box with paper towels. Hubby is bringing a 10 gal tank lined with paper towels with a chi to keep him warm. I don't know what to do or what iguanas even need. Please help...
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    New beardie owner with 4 new babies

    Hello everyone. First off, this is for my crazy nurse cousin. We were talking a few weeks ago about beardies and how sweet mine is and how if she really wants a lizard, I recommend Bearded Dragons because they are pretty easy to take care of compared so some other reptiles. We talked about how...
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    Lazy, not really eating, not pooping - for months

    Hey everyone. Moira is nearing a year and a half old. I have had her since she was 1.5-2 months old. She is not eating much (at most, two bites of collard greens and a quarter-sized dubia a day) and has not been for at least 7 months now. I have taken her in to a guy that specializes in...
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    Beardie in Local Petshop

    So there is this petshop that I occasionally buy "emergency" ('cause I forgot to order my normal bugs in time) crickets from. They charge about 10$ for 100, so they are a little pricey. Not only that, but they do NOT take care of their reptiles. The first few times I went in there I didn't know...
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    Baby dubias climbing the walls! D:

    No one told me they could do this (though when thinking on it they're so lightweight that it was always possible). I love watching them, but only inside their cozy, 4 walled home. Anyone think they might decide to have a mass exodus? How long until they're a bit bigger (& can't fit through my...
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    Baby dubia colony BOOM!

    So my husband and I have been trying to get our dubia colony started since June. Finally, FINALLY, spring has sprung and the birds and the bees are happening. I counted out roughly 50-60+ baby dubia today -- a few days ago I only saw maybe 10-15. They are teeny, tiny little dubias that look like...
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    Poop pic & change in behaviour questions

    Moira's poo has been looking like this since we switched over to large crickets (3/4ths) instead of medium sized in the last 2 weeks. Moira is 6 months old and currently eats anywhere from 15 to 25 ish crickets per meal along with 1 to 1.5 full leaves (calculation based off of before me tearing...
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    $1 per gallon sale at petco!

    I just got an email that said the sale starts this Sunday again! For those with small tanks or no tanks, this is a great sale for you. Get your 40g breeders and up for way cheaper than normal! I believe they hold it at the same time as every other petco. :)
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    Wanted a pet beardie, got a pet dragon and pet bugs.

    Anyone else figure that out too late as well? My husband and I wanted a beardie for about a year now. When we finally got Moira in April, we were super excited.... and then we began looking up feeders. We had not done any research into keeping them. We thought "1000 crickets for $22! Wow, that...
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    Dubia colony question with pic of setup.

    We started our colony only about 2 weeks ago. We have a heating pad that stays on 24/7 under the tub where the egg cartons are located. The ambient temp is around 79-80f, but the temp on the bottom if the bin is 90~f. Then there's the obvious water crystals in a small lid and their daily...
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    Should I move uvb to hang sideways or on top of the screen?

    T5 ho 22 inch uvb bulb in a reflector hood hanging from the screen over a 40 gallon breeder. The basking bulbs are located on the left of her tank, sitting on the screen right above half of her hammock. We use the che at night, basking light during the day. I was wondering (out of curiosity)...
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    Moira and her harness.

    First of all, she was super upset. Moira has worn the leash only once before now and it was to run around our desks and on the bed. My husband and I had one heck of a time putting it on her. I had her chilling on my chest as I slipped it over her head, which is when she decided it'd be a great...
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    Somewhat watery poop twice in 6 hours plus... one clear poo?

    So Moira in the last week has been pooping twice a day (according to my husband who spends most of his day at home with her). We feed her 3 times a day (crickets mainly, got silkworms and reptiworms yesterday again), so I can understand the need to go twice, but since she woke up this morning...
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    Moira's first day and today photo.

    Above is her first day right after she was shipped to us and below is her not ten minutes ago.
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    Lights out since 6am, not back on until tomorrow.

    We don't know what we can do for moira in the meantime. We took her outside to get some uvbs with her crickets and warm up a bit, but we think she might be in shock/stressed because she just sat there and ignored the crickets. Is there anything we can do for her in the meantime?
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    Poop question & lovely pic of said substance.

    I don't have much to base this off of, so I wanted to know if Moira's poop looks healthy so far? She went through 4 dozen crickets this weekend (6-10 crickets each feeding), crickets were all fed veggies and green cricket food cubes. We haven't seen her drink any water yet or eat more than 2...
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    Beardie arriving sometime today!

    I'm super excited and just wanted to tell someone that would understand that excitement. :D Here's a picture from the breeder of our new little girl. Unfortunately we won't be there when she arrives, my brother in law will, but everything is set up for her and ready to go. :)
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    Newbies preparing for our beardie.

    Howdy all. My husband and I have slowly been preparing a suitable habitat for a beardie in a 40g breeder for almost a month now. I feel pretty confident at this point on having the needed accessories, now we're waiting for the reptile expo in June to go pick out Maximus Decimus Meridius and some...
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