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    ZooMed basking lamps

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    First attempt breeding

    This will be my 1st attempt at breeding. My female is 20 months old, male 15 months. I plan on breeding in 2023. Question: Does it matter which tank to place together for rituals and breeding? Both are virgins... FEMALE MALE
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    Overweight male

    I have a 12 month male that's 716 grams (just weighted) He's 22 inches and I'm trying to put him on a diet. I've cut back on the feeders only offering 2-3 twice a week. Veggies the other days but now he's stopped eating the veggies, only picking at them. Besides the fact that he's fat, he's...
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    Beardi very active

    I purchased my BD (1st BD) from a local breeder (sole means of support) on March 2, 2022. Breeder said he was 3 months old. Well, Jethro is a big boy for his age. He was 533grams, put on diet, atm about 450grams. Eats well, both insects, Dubia roaches & superworms, crickets too hard to care...
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    Digital Thermo

    Want to change (2)stick-on thermo to digital thermo, 40gal. Recommendations: Wireless if they have such. Thanks
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    Pinworms & Coccidia

    Reading says all BD have low amount of pinworms & coccidia. What is considered a low number? Just wondering in the event it happens. Thanks
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    Black tip tail

    Is this tail rot, stress, shedding changes or combo? Friend's 3month old going thru first shed. Don't know if shedding is cutting circulation off. Told him to soak in warm water and use soft toothbrush to brush the tail. No expert... need opinion from knowledge BD owner. Thanks
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    Opening can of worms

    I am confused about superworms being fed as sampler vs treat. The debate goes to the right and left. I recently stopped feeding crickets, too hard to maintain, die too fast, parasites, stinky. I switched to superworms & dubia roaches, low maintenance, live longer, don't stink. Speaking with...
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    Basking Bulb

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