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  1. Forrest T.

    Difficulty Breathing

    My female bearded dragon just two days ago started gasping for air..I had her on the floor in my bedroom, and I was watching her, but all the sudden she started puffing up and gasping for air I checked her temps and humidity, and they're perfect, so maybe she ate something while I wasn't...
  2. Forrest T.

    Juvenile Beardie

    My bearded dragon just turned into a juvenile, and I need him to eat more greens. He has never really eaten greens for me, but I wasn't as concerned due to his young age, but now that he is growing, I am getting a bit worried. I DO NOT want a picky bearded dragon--I already have quite a few. Any...
  3. Forrest T.


    Can anyone identify my bearded dragon's morph? The photos really don't do him justice--he's very peachy and orange.
  4. Forrest T.

    Beardie Mouth Rot

    I have a male bearded dragon (he's around three yo), and I recently discovered he has mouth rot by looking inside of his mouth with a Q-tip. I have been rinsing it with betadine and water, administering vitamins and probiotics, and I have even been using rot guard, but it's not getting better...
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