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    Brown spots on gums

    Hi, I noticed today that beans has some little brown spots at the front of his mouth on his gums. I’m not sure what to do about this I tried to give him a little bit of honey. What else should I do about this? This was the best picture I could get. Thanks!
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    Hiding more

    Hi my bearded dragon is 15 months old. I’m not sure exactly how much he weighs. For the past couple of weeks he seems like he’s hiding more. He is still eating normally, he may be pooping a little less frequently than usual. I have a T5 Arcadia 24 inch UVB that I just changed in September. The...
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    Touched Uvb

    Hi! I touched the glass part of the UVB bulb when I was installing it last night. I read online that can cause them to shatter so I’m going to clean it. Does anybody know if this is actually some thing that can happen. As soon as I hit install that I thought I probably should’ve worn gloves or...
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    Are UVB bulbs good as long as they have not been opened?

    I have a UVB bulb that’s probably close to a year old that I bought as a back up bulb. I’ve never used it is it still good do you think it’s an Arcadia 12% and I was hoping to just use it but I wanted to make sure first that it wouldn’t have gone bad since it’s just been sitting in the box for...
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    calcium and vitamins expiration

    Hi! How long do you think you can use calcium and vitamins once they are opened?
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    Lump on throat

    Sometimes it seems like my Dragon has a lump under his beard on his throat. Do you think that’s OK? Sometimes I wonder if it’s food that’s stuck in there? What do you think?
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    Tiny spiders

    Hi I have seen some tiny spiders in and around my bearded dragons enclosure. I clean that room regularly and I can’t figure out where they’re coming from. Is there some sort of safe spider killing substance I can use in that room or what does people recommend or should I just not worry about it...
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    Black beard and vomited

    Today when I got home my bearded dragon had a black beard. Sometimes he does that when he’s about to poop so I went ahead and fed him some BSFL and Dubia. He didn’t eat any of his salad. I after he ate his black beard went away but then when I went to check on him about 15 minutes later he had...
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    Beans stopped eating his salads all of a sudden

    My dragon is 9 months old and has always loved his salads until a couple days ago. All of a sudden he won’t eat his salad anymore. I feed him a combination alternating kale mustard greens collard greens cilantro and butternut squash. I put BSFL in the salads and he just picks through the salad...
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    Dragon sits next to basking spot

    My Dragon seems to often be next to the log that I have for his basking spot. The top of the log is 15 inches from the bottom of his UVB. It’s an Arcadia 12%. The ambient temperature in the tank is between 90 and 95 on the hot side in between 80 and 85 on the cool side. His basking spot is 99 at...
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    Do dubia eat grubstrate (ground corn cob) and is that problematic?

    I spilled some ground corn cob, "grubstrate" (that I keep my BSFL in) into my Dubia container. It was spilled in there overnight before I realized it. My question is: do you think I can still feed those dubia to my dragon? I am just worried the dubia might have eaten some of the grubstrate and...
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    Going out of town

    I am looking for some advice about how to take care of a dragon when going out of town. I have pet sitter who has taken care of bearded dragons. This work trip is only 2 days, but I (hopefully) will go out of town for longer at some point. I’m just looking for tips and advice for what others do...
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    Grey beard

    Sometimes my dragons beard looks like this picture. Is it hormonal or something wrong?
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    Basking in the morning and evening and hiding during the day

    Hi, my 7 month old bearded dragon basks for about three hours in the morning and then naps under a hide on the hot side until about 3 pm. Then he basks for 4 hours until lights off. Does this seem normal? I am planning to get a fecal Wednesday to see if the pinworm treatment worked that finished...
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    Possible impaction

    My 6 month old bearded dragon hadn’t pooped in a couple days and the 2 poops before that were sort of small. The only thing I can think of is maybe some of the silkworms were too big. While I try to get him to poop should I keep feeding him bugs and salad like normal? He eats collards, mustard...
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    Scale fell off

    Last night I noticed that Beans had one scale that looked like there was a little bit of blood on it I don’t know if the scale actually fell off maybe? Hopefully this is an a big deal I wonder what happened? I don’t think there’s anything in his enclosure that he could scrape his head on. I was...
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    Shed or mucous

    Beans just shed his head. I saw one nostril plug come out. I feel like the other one looks weird. Do you think this is shed or mucous? His humidity had been low. A few days ago, I got a humidifier that is keeping the humidity over 20 now. He was rubbing his nose on stuff yesterday and he seems a...
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    Pyrantel Pamoate dosing

    Beans’s fecal showed pinworms. I was given pyrantel pamoate. The dosing says .07ml once daily for 3 days. Wait 3 weeks then give once daily for another 3 days. He weighs 140 grams. I just want to make sure that this sounds right before I actually give it to him. @Drache613 @AHBD @CooperDragon...
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    Overhydrated or dehydrated

    Hello, In the middle of the night I woke up thinking maybe my dragon is dehydrated. I had previously thought he was overhydrated. He usually has what I previously thought was a runny stool every other day. I am now thinking it is diarreah because it is usually not formed. His urates are soft and...
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    Where should ambient temperature be measured?

    I was curious where I should be measuring ambient temperature? I have a probe toward the top of the warm and cool sides of the enclosure so that my dragon can’t get to the cords. They measure from 86 to 90 on the warm side and 80 to 82 on the cool side. When I measure the floor temperature with...
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