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    Beardie not moving well

    Hi all- i am desperately in search of some answers for my sweet beardie, Brea. She's not very old, around 3 months we think, and we've had her since August. We have a vet appointment tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I'm hoping others in the community may have experienced something similar...
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    Baby Beardie Still Not Eating- Please Help!

    Apologies in advance for the lengthy post—I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and can advise me on what to do. We've had our baby Brea for a little over three weeks. I've posted pictures of her enclosure below; specs are included in my profile but the basics are as follows: Zoo...
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    Baby Beardie Not Eating

    I'm a new beardie parent, we've had our sweet Brea for a little over two weeks. I've included all of the stats on his enclosure in my profile. For the first week and a half, he was eating great! About 20 small Dubias per day and the occasional collard green, pooping about twice a day. I couldn't...
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