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    substrate and bulb help

    i have a 3 year old femal bearded dragon and i was wondering what bedding to use currntly she has repti carpet also should i use a tight beam for a heating lamp or an all over(what im using)also i dont know if it makes a difference but she is in a 60 gallon cage thank you and please help
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    urgernt cage help please!!

    ok so im buying a cage off craigslist today it was prevously used for fish i know i have to clean it out really what should i use to clean it with . also it has a black back what ever that is i was just wondering if that is ok or i can just peel it off or something i will put up a pic so...
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    not eating veggies!!

    my 3 year old female beardie is not eating veggies how can i make her start again she used to all the time no problom i dont know whats up with her
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    female beradie help please!

    ok so a couple of week ago i found out my 3 year old beardie was a female.i felt so stupid. but any ways are the supposed to lay infertial eggs at this age. also how do i take care of this . o and what substrate should she be on currently she is on repti carpet, should i take her off it.(i was...
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    please help

    ok so my dragon wont poop or drink water but he eats just fine also a little lazy please tell me whats wrong and how i can fix it
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    cage help please

    ok so i have a beardie in a 40 gal cage right now and im lookin to go to a 60-75 gallon cage does anyone know what size i should get and where i can get it (link or name of store if you have it please) also if you have any idea fo cozmos new cage please post them
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    please help

    ok so i was wondering can you put a baby iguana in a big cage and wich one of these would be better also what lights do iguanas need and if i got one of thoughs cages what...
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    ok i have a ton of Qs about Chameleons

    ok so please help if you can 1 are they hard to care for 2 abuot how much money will i ned for everything i need (including the lzard) 3 about how big of a cage will i need a(can you gve me a link if you have it) 4 do they need lights (heat uvb ect) 5 any tips/rules you have iwold love to hear...
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    please help i have tons of Qs

    ok so i have a beardie now and i was lookin into frillies. how different are they from beardies. are they as friendly as beardies. how much money do i need to get one with i nice set up. where can i buy one and lastly how can i convince my parents also can you give me a list of everything i...
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    anyobe know what breed please help

    i think its a sandfire but im not 100%
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    A Trip To The Park

    do you know what kind of breed you have mine almost looks like that sandfire? maybe
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    100 watt vs 150 help

    ok i was just wondering what do you guys use 150 or 100 watt for a basking spot its a 40 gallon cage too
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    breeding crickets

    how would you do this i need to start saving some cash
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    not going to the bathroom

    maybe this will help How old is your dragon? 3 years How long have you had your dragon? 3years How long is your dragon? foot and a half give or take a few in What is the sex of your dragon? male i think What size enclosure do you have your dragon in? 40 gal What type substrate do you have on...
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    not going to the bathroom

    my 3 year old dragon is not going to the bathroom very often. im feeding him daily, veggies and crickets with calcium on them. im giving him water daily and batheing him once every two weeks. and i hardly ever feed him any worms of any kind even when i do is only like two and its only like...
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    UVB light help

    i have a 3 year old bearded dragon in a 40 gal cage and i need help picking out a new light he is currently in a exo terra compact top link to a pic down below do you think i should get a different light or just...
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    what do you think of my lights im sorta new to taking care of beardies. im up for any opinions ( i know i need another bulb for the second pic) kinda want to see...
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