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    Bearded Dragon fell in the pool

    The men were apparently horsing around outside pushing one another and Buddy had enough and took a flying leap off of my SO and into the pool. He was immediately scooped up out of the water and he seems to be fine and didn’t do any movements that would suggest he inhaled water but I would like...
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    Defensive Posturing while in Enclosure

    I rescued Buddy an adult male bearded dragon about 9 months ago. I spotted him in the middle of the street trying to fight cars one morning and made a u-turn and managed to scoop him up, put him on my chest, and stroked his head making him close his eyes and calm down while I got him into the...
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    Today at Publix the regular organic dandelion greens were looking sad (the leaves seem like they froze and were mostly damaged.) Next to the regular greens, there were Red Dandelion Greens and they looked beautiful so I grabbed two bunches. Then i started googling out of an abundance of...
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    Need advice re: raw unpasturized honey for his eye

    These are pictures of the bearded dragon I rescued from the passing lane on Saturday morning. The raw unpasturized honey we have is kind of crystallized so I diluted it a little with distilled water until it was a little runnier than honey, Maybe 75% honey and 25%...
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    Need Opinions on Stray Beardie’s eye, tail, and foot

    Stray beardie seems to possibly have a recent and serious injury to his right eye. His pupil is being stretched sort of diagonally, but he will open the eye outside and use it while outside. His tail has been partially amputated at some point but the last 1/2” looks grey and uncomfortable and...
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    Found a Bearded Dragon in the Road

    We cannot keep him. How do I go about finding his owner or surrendering him to an organization that will care for him? I need to do this before tomorrow evening.
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    Help locating a rescue in Central Florida?

    We still have some of Quincy's unused and barely used lighting and fixtures and we would like to donate these items to a reptile rescue somewhere in Central Florida. We specifically would like to donate these items to a rescue that does work with bearded dragons, but beardie's don't have to be...
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    My best friend found a bearded dragon in rural Alabama. She doesn't have internet at home, but wants to try and find the owner. I've already checked craigslist and no one has reported one missing. So far, the only thing I know is that she has it in her possession and it is tame. Did anyone...
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    Will Oral Ca supplementation interfere with IM Baytril?

    These are my main questions: Will my addition of a small amount of Calcium to Quincy's diet interfere with the effectiveness of his IM Baytril injections. I know oral calcium can bind to oral antibiotics. Is there any way to determine how much calcium Quincy needs?  He was having some minor...
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    Soft foods and feeders after oral surgery?

    My 6 year old bearded dragon, Quincy had oral surgery on December 23rd to remove a growth from her mouth. Not one, but TWO 'areas of concern' were excised from her mouth and the vet opted to try and obtain clear margins instead of leaving behind potentially cancerous tissue and being able to...
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    Surgery Scheduled for Tomorrow

    I thought I had been more active on these forums, but I guess I just lurked a lot when Quincy was younger. Quincy is a 6 year old bearded dragon. She is my little buddy and we haven't spent a day apart since my fiance bought her. She has surgery scheduled tomorrow to remove a growth from her...
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    New Beardie Owner

    First, I would like to introduce Quincy an active outgoing beardie "tween" who was about 3.5 inches from nose to vent and 8.5 inches in length when he was purchased 12 days ago. My boyfriend originally wanted an iguana, but changed his mind when he learned about bearded dragons. Quincy is named...
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