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    Craigslist Beardie needs help

    Coil bulbs make me very nervous. I was misinformed with my first dragon and caused him to have vision difficulties from using coils. It just makes me so sad to see that, especially if he is already a rescue. He does have a decent amount of weight on him. That price is terribly high. I hope for...
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    Craigslist Beardie needs help

    *If this is in the incorrect spot I'm sorry! Is there anyone in New Jersey who can talk this seller down and help this bearded dragon? They are saying he is a rescue, which means he has already got issues. There looks to be very poor access to UVB and it makes me so sad! I couldn't help but...
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    How does my dragon's size compare to others?

    That's the range I was thinking he would be as well! Woah 25 inches is big!!! Aww great looking dragon! Is he full grown or still growing? :) Yeah, I never realized that Kenny was as big as he is until others have been saying it so much recently! Aww thank you! I worked hard to bring his...
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    How does my dragon's size compare to others?

    What size/weight are your dragons? Many fellow dragon owners who see my boy in person express how large he is! I went to the expo today and all of the adults that were there in those containers were so much smaller than Kenny. I showed some pictures to some breeders at the show and they thought...
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    Bearded Dragon Genetics

    Is there anyway to tell a bearded dragon's genetics based off of more that visual indicators alone? Would love to know people's thoughts.
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    8 year old dragon seems ill.

    Woah she is looking very very thin. Her eyes are sunken too. What is her feeding schedule like and what is she eating, if anything at all? How is her tank setup? She needs a warm bath right away to see if she will attempt to drink anything on her own.
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    Any fellow Aussies care to share some beardie pics?

    I've heard that from a lot of people! I wish he had all his tail so I could get a true measurement :blob5: I'm very thankful for a healthy, happy boy :D
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    Mice ?

    Mice are not good for them, way too hard to digest. I would not recommend it. There's some really scary videos online of bearded dragons being fed all sorts of things they aren't supposed to be fed. Thank you for asking!
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    Any fellow Aussies care to share some beardie pics?

    Thank you!! Yeah he's my chubster ahah. Can't believe anyone would ever treat this sweetheart poorly! I wonder how big he would be if he had a complete tail :blob5: Here he is on a trip to the greenhouse with me!
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    Any fellow Aussies care to share some beardie pics?

    Not from Australia either but here is my rescue boy Kenny :D
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    Bathing Troubles

    I let my boy hold my hand during bath time or else he isn't a fan either. I cup right underneath his chest and he grabs the sides of my hand. He is content if I do this for him.
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    Terrarium help

    Well wait, when you say baby girl are we talking about baby beardie? Sorry! I just want to clarify because sometimes I refer to my adult boy as a "baby" haha. If its a little baby I would go smaller just so you can maintain things easily for her and she can hunt for her feeders easier as well.
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    Terrarium help

    As long as you can maintain good temperature, I don't see why not!
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    Beardie Limp

    Kenny is walking much better now! Poor little guy must have been stiff or something :blob5:
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    Before and Then Pictures?

    Thank you, I sure hope so! I love my boy and his little chubby beard haha :D
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    Before and Then Pictures?

    This is my boy Kenny! He was a rescue and the first picture is his adoption picture, and the second is him now. Its not a baby to adult photo, but thought I might share! :blob5: He most certainly grew besides bulking up from he first picture, so maybe he was under a year old when I got him.
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    Rescued Beardie Success Story

    Wonderful before and after! Congratulations on a super successful rescue ?
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