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  1. JessicaJ

    bearded dragon rescue washington?

    anyone know of one in the vancover area I live in washugal so anything close will work.
  2. JessicaJ

    Help with a dragon terrariums

    I was looking at a Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium and it said to pick my size well it has like 18x 18x 12x, 24x 18x 12x,and 36x 18x 12x. I don't know what size is good for a bearded dragon.
  3. JessicaJ

    YAY!!!!!! for me :P

    Yes, I've been away for some time because my said i couldn't get one but last night she told me when i asked again if i could and she said "Add up all the things you'll need and we will talk then" and i asked her today if she was lieing and she said that I do need a pet of my own so now i will...
  4. JessicaJ

    Well I think I want one...

    Well I think I want a snake (Because I heard they are cheaper than a Bearddie) But one big BIG MAJOR problem.......My mom HATES snakes with a pathsion.If you can't tell when a little garden snake comes by our house and she pulls out a HUGE shovel.I don't know what type is good. If you can't...
  5. JessicaJ

    what lights?

    What lights are good for a baby bearddie?
  6. JessicaJ

    My sisters Bearded Dragon

    This is whatever his name is XD Slepinging with his mommy They thought he was a she when they made this
  7. JessicaJ

    anyone have a idea?

    I don't know if this is the right place but sadly I don't think a Bearded Dragon will be coming in my family :( my mom and dad don't get how fun and cool reptiles are and I can't convince them because they don't get it,anyone know how to convince 2 parents to give their 10 year old daughter a...
  8. JessicaJ

    Hello people!

    Hello my name is Jessica :) I'm looking into gettting a Bearded Dragon, I met my first one (In real life other than petsmart) my sister owns one and the people that live with her own I think 2. I might get one from her friend because their female is going to have babies so she said she would...
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