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    suddenly weak

    You guys were very helpful in trying to figure out what Jupiter needed a few months ago. She was bleeding on her back and had a cut on her side. You recommended raw unpasteurized honey and that combined with betadine baths has been very helpful. I have a couple more questions to fix a new issue...
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    Sores on the back

    My son has a beardie (Jupiter) that is about 1 1/2 years old. We clean her habitat every week (40g terrarium w/ plastic rock, food dishes, log and hammock. She has recently had trouble shedding, being very patchy and it has not come off her back as far as we could tell. It has looked cloudy and...
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    Meet Jupiter!

    Hi, everyone! This is Jupiter, our new and first bearded dragon. We have been looking to get something for our son for a long time (he's 9) and he has some friends who have them and love them. My wife is a teacher and has coworkers who have them as class pets, so we have done some research and...
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