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    why reptile carpet sucks

    i have used rep carpet my whole life for my leopard gecko and my bearded dragons. i recently learned that there are a number of problems with rep carp that makes me feel bad about keeping my dragons on it. let me get into the main problems. it stinks!!! the stuff gets so smelly after using it...
  2. J

    Respitory infection. not a beardie but super urgent.

    The other day i got a phone call from my friend saying that he found a super small turtle on the road that wasnt super responsive. I rode my bike over and found that he found a super young common snapper. Bc there are no rules saying that you cant keep common snappers. theres actually a catch...
  3. J

    Julian is always Brown

    My lad julian is a adult male green anole. When we got him he was green and pretty. After about 2 weeks we moved my bearded dragons tank and forgot to cover the side of the tank. Poor julian had to sit there for a few days with a dragon licking his chops watching his every move. We took care of...
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    Not a beardie but i still need urgent help.

    Hello all. This post is ot about my dragons, more in precaution to them, it is about my northern green frogs in my pond. Green frogs are suseptable to a disease called ranavirus. Im scared three of our frogs have this. Bearded dragons are able to get sime strains of this virus that afect both...
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    Is sobek too small

    Hello all. I was just curious but is my bd sobek too small. Ive raised him since he was 4 mo old and now hes somewhere around a year and a half old. I love him like a child so i want him to be as healthy as can be. Hes got big tank changed out uvb and eats salad and mealworms or crickets every...
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    Hey i found some pinkey mice in my garden while doimg some work. I gave a few to my toads and they gobbled them up. Would it be ok to feed them to my larger dragons. Im realy just worryied about parasite transmition but the mice are litteraly not even a day old. They dont have fur or any thing...
  7. J

    Controversial topics: mealworms and superworms

    So this is a really controversial topic in my opinion. But what are your thoughts on feeding hard shelled insects like those to your bearded dragons. I currently stand not to feed those to my older dragons but only to my little picky dragon. My reason being is that because there is chitin in the...
  8. J

    What morph

    Can any one tell me what morph red is and if its rare hes leather back with normal black and white nails his eyes are also black his main color is dark orange his back is kind of brownish tan
  9. J

    Zen hangout

    Made a dragon zen hangout because schools cancled from the virus so class is at home any tips on getting heat i can put at max a 60 watt bulb in the lamp or fix a halogen above the log
  10. J


    im looking to get a camera for field herping. im not like a pro or anything and this is my first year where im planning on getting serious about it. my phone has a bad camera so thats eliminated. ive been looking at the nikon coolpix w300 wich is a waterproof cam that ive borrowed and used...
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    How do i tame my dragon??

    So i have red who is a orange hypo translusent leatherback bearded dragon. We are unsure of his age he was given to me by a friend who was forced to take him in(parents fostered a sister) and he was not very nice he eats great but was realy mean hed bite hiss whip us with his tail sit with his...
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    Not using bask light lead to growth stunt

    So my youngest beardie tango was a gift to my sister as her first reptile he was givin to us by a worker at a local exotics store whos basment flooded so he could not care for the young dragon. As her first pet in wanted to let her care for it compleatly about 2 months after getting this 1 month...
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    Year old check in

    Sobek is officialy 1 year old and i wanted to check in and make sure hes healthy and a good size hes my oldest beardie so the care i give him is what care red and tango (my younger dragons) will get anyway lets get in to it His bask spot is 110 and his warm side is 90 and cool side is 85 to 75...
  14. J

    Nail trim pricing

    On average what is the cost to get a nail trim i dont trust myself enough to do it on my own
  15. J

    Fungus Gnat infestation

    Not realy about beardies but has to do with reptiles and terreriums, Ive got two toads (american and fowlers)that live in a large cage with live plants and all and these little bugs (i later learned are called fungus gnats)are infesting the terrium and have found there way to my little...
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    Beardie has "fat" beard **not angry or black

    So my beardie turns 1 in about a week and his beard is getting just fat and lumpy, sobek is my first and oldest dragon and i have never seen this, is it normal.
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