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  1. smaugthebeardie3756

    Bearded dragon possibly broken jaw?

    They have both acrodont and pleurodont dentition. The pleurodont teeth can regrow, the acrodont cannot.
  2. smaugthebeardie3756

    Bearded dragon possibly broken jaw?

    They can regrow some of their teeth but not all. Makes them an interesting subject to study dental evolution because they have both monophyodont (don't regrow) and polyphyodont (continuously regrow). Humans and many mammals have diphyodont teeth, meaning we have two sets of teeth, milk teeth and...
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    Bearded Dragon not eating

    I have heard of people making the 26W version of those work with smaller tanks, but they still needed a different fixture than simple dome, more like a small tube style hood where the bulb goes in sideways and acts like a mini tube. If there is absolutely no way to put a tube fixture in, my best...
  4. smaugthebeardie3756

    Escape Artists

    I think corners make them feel safe. Two sides they are protected from. Also cuts off escape routes, but if they are already scared with no immediate threat and they just want to hunker down, being a little more confined could be comforting.
  5. smaugthebeardie3756

    Bearded Dragon not eating

    Also, if your heat lamp is a light, it needs to be off at night too. If it is a ceramic heat emitter or deep heat projector, it only needs to stay on at night if temps are going below 65F. Dragons like cool and dark to be able to sleep properly. The surface temp of your basking spot during the...
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    Bearded Dragon not eating

    What kind of UVB are you using? I'm guessing they are the screw in coil type. If so, they are likely not giving sufficient levels of UVB, especially if they are on top of a screen. This can cause a lack of appetite, and that is honestly the least concerning thing that can happen from inadequate...
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    Blood in beardies poop sells parasite tests for reptiles on their website for $25.00.
  8. smaugthebeardie3756

    What's your Beardie's Favorite Furniture?

    Hammock hands down. Sleeps in it most nights, and occasionally spends the entire day in it.
  9. smaugthebeardie3756

    Absolute Mystery Illness- Vets Are Baffled

    I have heard of milk thistle extract being good for the liver. Tracie (drache613) sells some on her website, Silkworms are also a really healthy feeder if you are going to go to only one kind. Soft-bodied, well-balanced nutrition and good stuff like serrapeptase. They can be...
  10. smaugthebeardie3756

    not eating greens

    Your dragon is old enough that mealworms aren't really an impaction risk, although without proper lighting they still could be. They really don't have the proper nutrition to be a staple feeder though and should be used as a treat. Superworms are better, dubias, bsfl, silkworms are better still...
  11. smaugthebeardie3756

    Look what I can do!

    Mine tolerates being held at best. I tell people he's "independent." If he's out of his enclosure, he wants to be moving and exploring. I am merely his transportation to and from his enclosure, bringer of food and remover of poop. In return, he allows me to occupy the same room and will tolerate...
  12. smaugthebeardie3756

    Look what I can do!

    I couldn't help but think of the old MadTV sketch with Stuart (Michael McDonald) where he would say, "Look what I can do," before jumping about two inches. In case anyone is wondering, he normally has no trouble jumping up to the hammock and did make it shortly after this.
  13. smaugthebeardie3756

    Help bearded dragon gasping and gapping

    You can try adding a little bit of non-citrus fruit juice to the water and that might entice her to drink it. Otherwise, as Karrie mentioned making sure the slurry is a little more watery and dripping water on her nose.
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    why do my eyes itch after hanging out with my beardie

    Superworms are alright (not the best) as a staple for adults, but they are too fatty to give a baby or juvenile. They need so much protein at that stage that trying to meet it with only superworms is not healthy. Once he is an adult though and only needs limited protein, they can be used as a...
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    Beardie powder?

    To answer the question, assuming you have good UVB you can get some calcium without d3 as well and alternate. I would stick with more d3 for babies, maybe 5 times a week with and twice without, and as they get older and/or healthier, you can start flipping that. The other powder I would...
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    Is my dragon saying goodbye?

    For that bulb on top of a screen, the basking spot should be closer, like 10-12 inches. Otherwise mounted inside 12-15 inches above, so your 14 inches would be perfect. I'm very sorry you're going through this. I never imagined someone could get so attached to a lizard until I got to know my...
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    Won’t eat from dish?

    I recommend the Repcal Herptivite for the vitamin only because it has beta carotene instead of synthetic vitamin A. The dragon can turn the beta carotene into vitamin A and the rest gets expelled without a risk of vitaminosis. The most that will happen from an overdose of beta carotene is some...
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    It can be a constant struggle. At 9 months she is still growing, so protein is still the most important part of her diet. Gutload your bugs with the same stuff you want her to eat so she at least gets the undigested bits when she eats the bugs. And keep offering salads everyday. If it's still an...
  19. smaugthebeardie3756

    Rescuing Simon

    @Drache613 sells some on her website. She's also a vet tech for a reptile vet and a mod on here. Great resource. Here is her website: Reptile Supplies by Bug-De-Lite
  20. smaugthebeardie3756

    New owner

    It should be 12-15 inches directly over the basking spot so it overlaps with the heat and he can get both at once. The distance you have now would be good if you put it inside. That lamp can go on top of that screen, but you would need to raise the basking spot to be 8-10 inches away.
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