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  1. xp29

    New Addition

    I've been kicking around breeding for a while now, and I've finally committed to doing it. I want to be selective about the gentics I'll be working with. I want to breed mid-range to high end beardies. My goal is not necessarily to make profit (although I do hope to at least break even lol)...
  2. xp29

    Operation Repurpose

    So i am going to be needing a couple new habitats because I'll be investing in a couple new beardies in the next little bit. I was looking at some of the different habitats that are 4x2x2 front open. They are all kindda pricey, and it occurred to me that i have an empty two level ferret cage...
  3. xp29

    More questions

    I'm sorry to keep being such a pest lol, i just don't want to jump into this unprepared or uneducated. My first question is, is there a good software for tracking stuff like pairings, offspring, genetics ect. Second question, how many pairs should i have, to keep bloodlines from being imbread...
  4. xp29

    Thoughts on hybrids

    I'm starting to kick around breeding more seriously, i kindda know what genetics i want to work with. I'm seeing some hybrids around, and I'm just curious about what you guys (and gals) that have/do breed think about them. Is there enough benefit to it to entertain acquiring one or two to...
  5. xp29

    Happy election day

    Hey everyone its finally time to vote. No matter your party VOTE VOTE VOTE 🙂🙂🙂. If you don't vote you can't complain.... and i LOVE to complain 😆 🤣 😂
  6. xp29

    Looking for resources

    I have been trying to research breeding, specifically pairing up different traits to produce specific outcomes. I do understand the basics like dominant, recessive, het ect. I know how to work out the simple % chances. What I'm having trouble finding is like a chart of what you could expect if...
  7. xp29

    Love thy neighbor

    So i come home from work today and found that Ruby has gotten herself a pet. It was a little to cozy to be appropriate though, i found it whispering sweet nothings in her ear! SHEESH 🤣🤣🤣 For the record, she is cleaning up after it her darned self lol.
  8. xp29

    Bloated beardie

    Anyone see anything out of the ordinary in this xray? Back story is that Snicker Doodles has been bloated for about a month now, i took in a fecal, and then took her in as well to the vet. I was told she had a high Cocidia count and given a 5 day regimen of Albon (spelling?) at .7 ml per day...
  9. xp29

    Please vote for rango

    There is only a couple days left, if Rango doesn't make it to 1st he gets knocked out so please go vote.
  10. xp29

    Remember to vote for Rango (daily reminder)

    Just a friendly reminder to go vote for Rango. Sorry i missed a couple days, i was in the middle of nowhere and didn't have phone reception.
  11. xp29

    Ruby's big adventure

    So we were going on a road trip this weekend, but Ruby decided the best course of action was to friggen lay eggs. I think it was calculated to make us stay home and spoil her, or take her along with us so we could keep an eye on her. (I keep saying beardies are smart lol). She got her way and...
  12. xp29

    This is what happens

    So its Saturday and i thought i would sleep in for an extra hour or so. Apparently that isn't acceptable because this is what i woke up to lol. I swear she is a lil terror lol.
  13. xp29

    revisit of Mr. Wilson

    Heya everyone, Mr. Wilson is a beardie in our community, and he is having some health problems . His HOOMAN set up a gofundme to try get him the help he needs. Im afraid the link is buried so far into the thread folks are not seeing it, so i just wanted to repost the link. Even if you don't...
  14. xp29

    How to not loose your dragon

    A friend of mine sent me this pic and i thought i would share it. ** Disclaimer ** i don't have any idea where the pic came from, but i thought it was funny :)
  15. xp29

    My favorite thing about this forum

    My favorite thing about being a member of this forum is that it's like having friends that have kids or having my nieces and nephews. I get to read all the stories and see all the pics....... AND I DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE POOP!!!!! :cool:
  16. xp29

    Com'On 10 more minutes dad

    No I'm not ready to wake up yet!!!
  17. xp29

    I think my beardies are telepathic

    Ok so i have been observing something i can't explain with my beardies. Back story. I have a ferret nation cage on my patio, it's two levels that are seperated and has a solid black plastic tray in the bottom. I put two beardies out in the morning sun, one on each level. They have zero line...
  18. xp29


    Don't even think your gonna fricassee me!!! LIZZARD IS NOT THE NEW CHICKEN!!!
  19. xp29

    ZooMed light fixture issues revisited

    I posted a thread yesterday about having issues with 2 outta 4 Zoomed fixtures. So i was going through my pictures last night and came across a video I had forgotten. Snicker Doodle had been being silly, but of course by the time i got the camera on she stopped.What is interesting about the...
  20. xp29


    I saw this on tbe web and thought it was funny.
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