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  1. ashesc212

    Bearded Dragon Will Have Surgery Tomorrow (Mass on Body)

    Hello all. I have not been on in a couple of years so I don't know if you will remember me and my bearded dragon, Kwayze. Unfortunately, she has a mass on one side of her body. As a background, Kwayze lays infertile eggs every year and exhibits typical behavior (running around, digging, off...
  2. ashesc212

    Can I give my beard pink eye?

    Hi, is pink eye contagious between humans and lizards? I thought I just had a contact lens tear, which caused irritation. Turns out I actually have pink eye in both eyes now. Of course over the few days that I thought it was a tear I handled my lizards "lovingly" just as I would any other...
  3. ashesc212

    MiceDirect Recall

    If you buy from Mice Direct you may want to heed this warning (salmonella contamination):,-mice,-chicks.html
  4. ashesc212

    question about snake bones and vertebrae

    I had an incident tonight with my king snake and I am not sure if he is okay or not. I was handliing him in the living room and letting him slither around the floor when he managed to find a hole in the floor that I didn't even know exists. Anyway, he was half way in there so fast that I only...
  5. ashesc212

    Concern about national BAN on 9 species of snakes

    If you are concerned about the 9 species of snakes being added to the Lacey Act Injurious Wildlife list (meaning you can't buy, sell, trade, etc) please post a public comment through United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) using the following website:
  6. ashesc212

    Bearded Dragon Perception Is Off & Is Not Seeing Well

    I've been noticing that my bearded dragon has been acting really weird. It is like she can't see me anymore or can't see very well. Additionally, today she shocked me as she was trying to eat worms and reached for them with her tongue, straining, but yet was still about an inch off of their...
  7. ashesc212

    Silly Jingles That Beardies (Or Other Animals) Have to Hear

    I'm no singer but I have a song/jingle/favorite phrase for just about every one of my animals lol. Does anyone else do this or am I just crazy talking to my babies? Here are a few examples. They are not 100% how I would say them because now I am blanking out lol. To Sloan, one of my...
  8. ashesc212

    ViperKeeper Tv

    I really like this YouTube channel: He has a bunch of hots and they are neat to watch.
  9. ashesc212

    Pics of My New Cuban Rock Iggy

    This is the cuban rock iguana that I picked up a few weeks ago at the last White Plains reptile expo. I can't seem to get a pic of him when he isn't about to shed but I hope you enjoy anyway.
  10. ashesc212

    New Pics of Bella, My Jungle Carpet Python x Irian Jaya

    I have had Bella for about a year now. She is about 2 years old in total. She is turning into such a beautiful snake!
  11. ashesc212

    Some beardie pics

    Sloan daydreaming of summer afternoons (and also a little afraid of the squirrels running around outside): I don't see how this can be comfortable (Kwayze): My bearded beauty queen, Kwayze: A frustrated Kwayze ready to lay eggs: Kwayze last summer: Sorry if this is a duplicate of a...
  12. ashesc212

    Help with Laying of Infertile Eggs.

    Hi, first, is this an egg: My beardie dropped two of these in her tank but hasn't shown any typical signs of being about to lay. She is not scratching or anything. Anyway, I want to make sure I am doing this right. I grabbed a 18 gal rubbermaid container and filled the bottom with potting...
  13. ashesc212

    Rubbery Urate with A Runny Yoke in The Middle - Worried

    Hi, I know I should have taken a picture of this but I am sick and wasn't thinking straight. Anyway, I found a really odd urate in my bearded dragon's cage today. It was extremely rubbery on the out side and squishy. It reminded me of a sack filled with fluid. Anyway, it took a lot of force...
  14. ashesc212

    Cuban Rock Iguana Humidity

    What type of humidity does a cuban rock iguana require?
  15. ashesc212

    Shipping Feeders

    Hi, how would I ship dubias in the winter? What type of packing should I use, how many heatpacks would I need to use? What would I do for a vent? Also, who allows you to ship live feeders? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  16. ashesc212

    Dubias and Die or Hibernate?

    Hi all, Today I was cleaning out my dubia containers and I separated some adult females to see how many I have. After about an hour, they looked like they were dying. The room probably wasn't the ideal temperature but I have since put them back in the heat. The containers have not fully...
  17. ashesc212

    Beardies are so distracted by each other that they are not e

    To preface this, I have two bearded dragons, one male, one female. Anyway, in the past month the male has been acting really aggressive when he sees the female. Head bobbing, black bearding, pounding his arm down, etc. I thought that he might want to mate with her but in an experiment I put...
  18. ashesc212

    Anyone's beardies showing signs of brumation already??

    I'm just wondering if anyone has a beardie already acting like it is going to brumate soon? Mine is showing symptoms already...
  19. ashesc212

    Worried Sloan bit Kwayze's Tail, pls help PIC included

    Sloan just bit Kwayze's tail. I have gradually introduced them to each other outside of their respective cages and they seem to have gotten comfortable with each other. Out of nowhere today Sloan decides to bite Kwayze's tail. Unfortunately, it broke the skin 3/4th of the way around it. My...
  20. ashesc212

    CA Anit-Herp Law-Update 5/19: Hearing rescheduled; action ne

    Update 5/19!!!!!: CA lawmakers has rescheduled their hearing for this week! I urge everyone to send emails whether they live in CA or not. If reptile sales are banned in CA it affects the entire national reptile market! For anyone who lives in CA, please make your phone calls!
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