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    REST IN PEACE CLEOPATRA (10.10.2022 )

    Our much loved and uber spoilt little lady Cleopatra died peacefully and comfortably in her sleep this afternoon , died showing her happy colours and just a slight BB. She had been suffering an invasive bone cancer that suddenly started in her pelvic region a few months ago ( developed a spur...
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    Paper bearded dragon (on Twitter

    cleaver ....
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    1 Year on from Sydney June 2020 Delta Outbreak

    2 JUN 2022 = DELTA WAVE Day 353 & BA1/BA2 TSUSAMI Day 177 & BA2,BA3,BA4,BA5, XD & XE TSUSAMI (April 2022) BRIEF SUMMARY NEW CASES & DEATHS THIS WEEK ending 2June2022. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CONTUATION OF UPDATES FROM...
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    Covid Pandemic One Year on from Sydney Delta Outbreak

    2 JUN 2022 = DELTA WAVE Day 353 & BA1/BA2 TSUSAMI Day 177 & BA2,BA3,BA4,BA5, XD & XE TSUSAMI (April 2022) BRIEF SUMMARY NEW CASES & DEATHS THIS WEEK ending 2June2022. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COVID NATIONAL NUMBERS...
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    Ancestor of snakes Very interesting read.
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    edit button has disappeared (again)

    Noticed this a few days ago, am I the only one who's not seeing the edit button ?
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    Ancestor to all lizards

    Experts find 231M year-old fossil that is ancestor to most reptiles Combined-evidence Bayesian-inference phylogenetic analysis and morphospace...
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    edit icon has vanished

    Edit icon has disappeared tonight. Just today, saw and used it yesterday.
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    I nominate this very stupid "tradee" for a Darwin Award.

    Tradie spotted riding a crocodile like a surfboard in Australia
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    Budgies transform Red Centre into a sea of green and gold

    19 APR RAINBOMB EFFECTS Budgies are in abundance in the Red Centre, thanks to plentiful summer rains. (Supplied: Angus Newey, Alice Springs Desert Park.)
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    Bonus snake with fresh bagged lettuce please

    Aldi investigates after woman claims she found live snake in bag of lettuce
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    Unique traffic hazard = crocs crossing roads

    Extraordinary moment a crocodile gallops across an outback road
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    NT border force introduce Sniffer Crocs at Darwin

    If you are caught with naughty or illegal stuff in the luggage you will sniffed by the croc who will eat you if you have drugs on your person. jk
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    Live wild cane toad found in Sydney !

    Urgent alert after a cane toad is captured in Narraweena, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. With the way our local climate is warming , and the closure of our intl borders...
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    Ian's microfarm.

    I installed the several beds in my back and front yards over 6 months from July 2019 . Project 1 - A 6m x 3m two level mega bed using 75x200 hardwood sienna sleepers and steel corner and joiner posts at the front of my house to take about 12cum clay and rock rich fill from escavation work...
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    We're not the top of the food chain

    They grow to upwards of 6m long. They are known to take horses, cattle, full grown wild pigs (boars) , full grown buffalo and kill them in seconds. You can't out swim them, you can't outpace them ( by running ) , they can leap out of the water by 2 -3m to pull you off the tree branch, off the...
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    Bobtail Skinks and anti trafficking science

    Scientists eye electronic nose as potential 'game changer' to combat wildlife trafficking The Rottnest Island bobtail is a highly-prized animal for intl wildlife traffickers.
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    Perenties @ Rocky Zoo.

    I though you guys might enjoy a video I spotted about the new Perentie Enclosure and the two resident adult Perenties Floki and Erik These are SERIOUS lizards !
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    Meet our new resident wild "house" skink.

    Been hearing bumps and other tell tale sounds coming from the gap behind the lounge and from in the dining area for a few weeks , was blaming these on the resident G.Dudia "house" geckos who've colonised the house ( bedrooms, study , kitchen , yet they are vocal little geckos, often churp at us...
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    Caesar the "winged" dragon.

    Here is Caesar in full blown body shed yesterday . Looks very daggy , like he's sprouted wings ...LOL Was very pleased to loose these when we took him out to have his bugs & then floor fun time before our dinner time.
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