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    Bearded Dragon… weird behavior

    Hi all! My bearded dragon has been acting weird for the past 48 hours. She’s been opening her mouth slightly like she’s trying to drink something & then closes it. She’s also been trying to climb to the highest point of her terrarium which is not like her. Any insights? Her humidity levels...
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    Only urate?

    Hello! I️ came home today & my bearded dragon Blaze had gone twice in her tank- there was one normal bowel movement w/ poop & urate PLUS another bowel movement that just looked like the urate only. No foul smell. Is this normal? Thank you!
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    2 beardies… weird fluid & goo?!

    Hi guys! I️ have 2 bearded dragons. 1 just got her final dose of antibiotics for coccidea on Wednesday & she is having pretty normal poops again but still a little runny. I️ found this gooey stuff on her rock this afternoon… she already had a bowel movement earlier this morning. (Pictured on...
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    Arm lifting/waving behavior?

    Hi everyone! One of my beardies has been lifting his arms like this lately & I’m confused as to why? I️’ve read about them “waving” but I’ve had Sushi for 2 months & this only started about a week ago. Any input is appreciated! Thanks :)
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    Possible RI… high humidity

    Hi everyone. I️ am worried my beardie has a respiratory infection & need some advice on how to lower humidity! I️ have 3 hygrometers in different parts of the tank that are all ranging between 50-60%. Some people say anything above 40% is harmful & others say as long as it stays below 70% it’s...
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    So scared- Recovering from parasite…

    Hi everyone. Blaze, my 4 month old beardie is currently recovering from coccidea & is on week 1 after taking her antibiotic from the vet. She is eating well again & today had her first normal poop. I’m focusing on keeping her hydrated & eating her insects + greens. She is also shedding right...
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    Ceramic heat lamp smell

    Hello! I️ just purchased the zoomed 100w ceramic heat emitter for my beardie. I️ plugged it into my ceramic lamp & it has a slight burning smell. Is this normal? No smoke just a gross burning smell when I️ get close the lamp.
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