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    Brumating - board or leave home alone?

    Hi All Lemon has been brumating for about three weeks now. He has woken up twice during when we have weighed him and bathed him. He is looking great, hasn't lost a single ounce of weight and was lively enough on Sunday after his bath that we thought he was coming out of it and he ate about 14...
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    'Partial' brumation?

    Hi all Lemon is coming up to 1 year old in a few weeks and I wondered if it is possible he is starting to brumate? For the last three days he has remained in his hide fast asleep until close to 12pm. For a few days prior to that he was sleeping in but I was actively removing him from his hide...
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    Not gaining weight

    Hi all Our beardie is 8/9 months old now and over the last 3 or 4 weeks he doesn't seem to be putting on any weight. He hasn't lost any weight - he's just hovering around the 370g mark now without any real movement. He looks really well, and acting no different to usual. His appetite isn't...
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    Hi all Lemon is now coming up to 6 months old and absolutely thriving. A very much loved member of the family! We live in the UK so weather has not been anywhere near decent enough to take him outside before now. We have had glorious sunshine and decent temperatures for the last 3 or 4 days...
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    New baby bearded dragon - hi!

    Hi everybody I've become a bearded dragon mum today (or technically nan as our new baby belongs to my 12 year old son!). Lemon, our baby Citrus bearded dragon came home with us today as a Christmas present for my son. We spent Christmas Day / Boxing Day setting up the vivarium and have been...
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