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  1. JessicaJ

    bearded dragon rescue washington?

    anyone know of one in the vancover area I live in washugal so anything close will work.
  2. JessicaJ

    YAY!!!!!! for me :P

    I found one in my city for 50 bucks he's a 3 year old male with a bridge and hammock.
  3. JessicaJ

    YAY!!!!!! for me :P

    yeah my sister will tell me a lot of stuff about bearded dragons when I go over this summer, her newest bearded dragon died :( I never did get to meet him but I will go to expos if i can find them where i live. Thanks bunnyrut! R.I.P Corona
  4. JessicaJ

    Help with a dragon terrariums

    I was looking at a Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium and it said to pick my size well it has like 18x 18x 12x, 24x 18x 12x,and 36x 18x 12x. I don't know what size is good for a bearded dragon.
  5. JessicaJ

    YAY!!!!!! for me :P

    Yes, I've been away for some time because my said i couldn't get one but last night she told me when i asked again if i could and she said "Add up all the things you'll need and we will talk then" and i asked her today if she was lieing and she said that I do need a pet of my own so now i will...
  6. JessicaJ

    Well I think I want one...

    Thanks I think I can get one with chirstmas money and birthday.
  7. JessicaJ

    Well I think I want one...

    Thanks :D I was looking at Malaysian Golden Gecko (My sister had one for 4 days and then it passed away) or a panther gecko or just the normal leopard Gecko
  8. JessicaJ

    Well I think I want one...

    I don't really know what reptile i want because I can't come up with about 100 bucks in a couple of months for a bearded dragon (Lights,lamps,decor)
  9. JessicaJ

    Well I think I want one...

    Well I think I want a snake (Because I heard they are cheaper than a Bearddie) But one big BIG MAJOR problem.......My mom HATES snakes with a pathsion.If you can't tell when a little garden snake comes by our house and she pulls out a HUGE shovel.I don't know what type is good. If you can't...
  10. JessicaJ

    My sisters Bearded Dragon

    Thank you :D
  11. JessicaJ

    what lights?

    What lights are good for a baby bearddie?
  12. JessicaJ


    They said wildlife.....We couldn't own dogs or cats :| I think their blowing poop {Comments removed by moderator. This is a PG-13 forum, bad language is not allowed here.}
  13. JessicaJ

    Traveling with Mushu...I need advice!

    Maybe get a pet sitter I realy can't think of how she would live without the light.
  14. JessicaJ

    My sisters Bearded Dragon

    This is whatever his name is XD Slepinging with his mommy They thought he was a she when they made this
  15. JessicaJ

    MASSIVE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! suggest you all read

    Would this be good for a baby bearddie?
  16. JessicaJ

    which is better?

    I suggest looking on petfinder and maybe getting a older one from someone or Rescue on there :) Unless you like the baby stage.
  17. JessicaJ

    anyone have a idea?

    I will never ever get tired of my dragon i've cared for aot of animals that i still have and love. (I'm not a sick and cruel person)
  18. JessicaJ

    anyone have a idea?

    Hmm. thanks! Wait, my mom just got a job and said I can get money for doing things funny how things work out,My mom thinks she'll do the cleaning.... BUMP ALL DAT I clean the cage (Like a maid but also a ninja). all I have to buy is decor and lighting (My sister is giving me a cage and a baby...
  19. JessicaJ

    anyone have a idea?

    I don't know if this is the right place but sadly I don't think a Bearded Dragon will be coming in my family :( my mom and dad don't get how fun and cool reptiles are and I can't convince them because they don't get it,anyone know how to convince 2 parents to give their 10 year old daughter a...
  20. JessicaJ

    Hello people!

    My sister is gonna give me all her things for her grown up bearddie all I have to buy is lighting,decor, and food
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